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Our Sustainability Journey

Our commitment to ESG is What Drives Our Operations, Risk Management, Research and Actions

Maybank Group is committed to mobilising RM50 billion in sustainable finance by 2025.

At Maybank Investment Banking Group, we will be playing our part in meeting this pledge.

As part of our mission to Humanise Financial Services, we exist to be a force for good, doing the right things right and leaving no one behind. We do this through striking a strategic balance between being attentive to the implications of our actions on the communities we serve and to the needs of our different stakeholders.

Maybank's foundation as a community bank, over 60 years ago, grew out of a need to bring equitable financial opportunity to Malaysian communities. In that sense, sustainability is an essential part of our DNA. Today, our mission of Humanising Financial Services includes actively challenging obstacles to equitable growth and sustainability for all of ASEAN's communities.