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Extensive, Full-Fledged On-ground, In-country Teams

Our regional team of analysts across ASEAN has built a strong track record of identifying investment themes and generating ideas ahead of the curve.

Spotting Opportunities

Our goal is not only to forecast corporate earnings and target prices with accuracy, but also to be among the first to spot catalysts and inflexion points that can translate into profitable investments for our clients.

Right Balance

The team comprises both senior and junior analysts. The senior analysts have more than 30 years of industry experience collectively, and bring insight, stability and guidance to the team. The younger analysts add energy, vitality and a fresh perspective to the mix. The team provides analyses and strives to identify themes and generate ideas that are unconventional and ahead of the curve.

Profitable Investment Ideas

Our objective is not just to forecast corporate earnings and target prices accurately, but also to identify and highlight catalysts, events and corporate actions that can be translated into profitable investment ideas.

What We Do

We provide clients with research reports from 11 markets on Maybank Trade - Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, India, US and Taiwan. Research reports include Company, Economics, Global, Sector, Strategy, Technicals and Macro reports.

We have won several Thomson Reuters' Starmine and Asiamoney awards for excellence. These awards span multiple industry sectors, bearing testament to the quality of our research and assets.

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Research Rigour

Daily Reports

Look out for our morning and mid-day guides to the day's events, as we share ideas and market feel for each trading day.

Wide Range of Reports

We provide a wide range of research reports including Strategy, Company, Economics, Global, Sector, Technicals and Macro reports.

Our Strategy reports offer traders unique investment ideas that shed light on regional and global markets.

For Company reports, in addition to providing critical insights into blue chip names under its customary big-cap coverage, we distinguish ourselves from our peers with our focus on mid and small-cap stocks and have a good track record of uncovering relatively unknown, but promising companies.

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Global Research Reports

We offer research reports on 11 markets - Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, India, US and Taiwan. You can also receive these research reports via e-mail.