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Invest ASEAN

Invest ASEAN 2023

ASEAN Reboot: Reimagining the Future

The theme for this year's conference is 'ASEAN Reboot: Reimagining the Future'.

Post-reopening, ASEAN countries are in a race to reboot their respective economies. Traditional revenue streams are being re-assessed and rejuvenated, and new possibilities have emerged. In the foreground is the election story with a few ASEAN countries having already had their general election, and the remaining countries are on schedule to hold one by 2024.

Invest ASEAN 2023 is designed with the objective of bringing together the region's major investors, high net worth individuals, family offices and corporates, in one central location for two days of engaging and revealing conversations.

Expect a line-up of provocative and trending topics. Hear directly from some of the most exciting corporates from around our region.
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Reimagining the Future
Invest ASEAN 2023: Indonesia In a Race to become the Next Economic Powerhouse
Invest ASEAN 2023: ASEAN's Rising Stars
Invest ASEAN 2023: President Xi in his Third Term
Invest ASEAN 2023: Capital Allocations in the Post Pandemic World
Invest ASEAN 2023: ASEAN in Transition
Invest ASEAN 20203: Investing through the Fog
Invest ASEAN 2023: The Next Great Leap
Invest ASEAN 2023: Wealth Management Trends
Invest ASEAN 2023: Investment Reboot
Invest ASEAN 2023: Winning with Alternatives
Invest ASEAN 2023: Maybank + Economist
Invest ASEAN 2023: Is ESG Still Relevant for Global Investors?
Fixed Income: Inflation Fears vs. Late-cycle Risk
FX: Dollar Rally Shows Signs of Moderating as Market Expectations of Fed Hike Pace...
Quants: ASEAN Resilient; Reflation Trades Outperformed
Regional Banks: Regional Recovery to Drive ROE Upside
ESG: Renewables & Sustainable Finance on Acceleration Mode
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