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Our Mission


Humanising Financial Services

Sustainability is not new to us.

Maybank's foundation as a community bank, over 60 years ago, grew out of a need to bring equitable financial opportunity to Malaysian communities. In that sense, sustainability is an essential part of our DNA. Today, our mission of Humanising Financial Services includes actively challenging obstacles to equitable growth and sustainability for all of ASEAN's communities.

Do the Right Thing

As community leaders, we understand our responsibility when it comes to profits for today along with the resilience for the future. It is a balancing act that requires full understanding of the ecological and societal impact of our actions. This core principle drives us to constantly aim for a greater tomorrow not just for us, but future generations.

Leave No One Behind

Inclusivity plays an important role in elevating society as it reduces poverty. Our role is to bridge the gap by making it possible for everyone to easily access intuitive financial facilities and solutions, as we believe accessibility is crucial when it comes to financial independence.

Serve as a Force for Good

We continue to invest in a sustainable future for our communities with initiatives and innovative solutions that elevate society towards a brighter future, one that is inclusive and prosperous for all segments of society.

Sustainability First

We are active owners of the sustainability journey in ASEAN - co-creating growth by leveraging sustainability-first principles, practices, partnerships and strategies.

For our clients, we take a sustainability-first approach to our role as ASEAN's advisor, investment manager, liquidity provider and market access gateway. For ASEAN communities, we work to reduce inequalities wherever we can to support our purpose as a Force for Good in ASEAN.


We are ranked 2nd in ASEAN league tables for Green Bond underwriting.


We were the primary distribution bank for Sukuk Prihatin, the first in Malaysia whereby proceeds were channelled to finance measures announced in the economic stimulus packages and recovery plan to address the economic fall-out from Covid-19.


We have financed over 300MW of large scale solar plants in the last 3 years in Malaysia.


We led the largest green sustainable and responsible investment Sukuk in the world and the largest solar Sukuk issued in Malaysia then (Quantum Solar).


We have been involved in landmark and award-winning deals; many of which are the first of their kind, for example the first green bond in Indonesia.


In 2018, we were joint arranger and book runner for the World's Second Green Sovereign Sukuk Tranche for Republic of Indonesia.