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Our Insights


Analyses that translate into actionable ideas

Our team of analysts has built a strong track record of identifying trends, investment themes and generating ideas ahead of the curve

Our goal is not only to forecast growth outlook, corporate earnings and target prices with accuracy, but also to be among the first to spot catalysts and inflexion points that can translate into profitable investments for our clients.

We go beyond coverage of large-cap names. We cover small-cap and mid-cap companies and have a good track record of uncovering relatively unknown, but promising companies, generating ideas outside the box.

Our coverage extends beyond equities and cover multi-asset classes so that our clients have access to analyses and insights to help them structure well-balanced investment portfolios. ... Show more

Our Research Team

Having people on the ground in all of ASEAN's capital markets gives us a unique advantage. This unrivalled market coverage enables our team of analysts to deliver timely investment themes and stock picks to our clients.

Our research team comprises both senior and junior analysts; a mix of industry experience, stability and guidance with fresh perspective. Together, they work to identify themes and generate unconventional ideas that translate into profitable investment.

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