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Investment Banking & Advisory

As one of the leading regional investment banks in ASEAN, our extensive, footprint across the region and deep insights in advisory, debt markets & equity capital markets provide us with the competitive advantage to bridge regional and local opportunities, supported by our strong origination & execution capabilities. Our clients range from mid-cap to leading large cap corporates across ASEAN, local & foreign institutional investors and financial sponsors. ... Show More

Investment Management

At Maybank Investment Banking Group, investment management goes beyond transactions. Our team of experienced investment management experts provide clients with a single point of contact. In other words, the right solutions, to the right clients, at the right time. Investment Management merges our complete array of investing products, knowledge and resources into a single platform for all asset classes, for all clients. As an integrated, multi-market, multi-asset, multi-currency source for every type of investment strategy, Investment Management is a more logical way to invest all clients - institutional, corporates, family offices and individual investors have direct access to tailored solutions from ASEAN's leading investment management team. ... Show more

Equities & Trading

We offer the full range of financial market services; from share trading, and multi-asset trading to margin financing, corporate financing, IPO financing and derivatives trading in OTC, warrants and CFDs. With over 1,500 dealer representatives, an award-winning trading platform and round-the-clock trading desks, our clients are seamlessly connected to worldwide markets at all times. Our full-fledged in-house research teams help clients stay ahead of the curve. Never satisfied with standing still, we continue to lead the industry year after year with our signature corporate access events for institutional clients. ... Show more

Sustainable Investing

As ASEAN's leading investment bank, our sustainable investing products and solutions are anchored in the belief that a portfolio of investment with high ESG standards are the best way to ensure long-term wealth creation, while creating measurable positive impact to the environment and our communities. At Maybank, we recognise that Sustainable Investing is about investing in progress, and that alpha creation arises from companies in transition. ... Show more

Harnessing Opportunities with the Right Solutions

We offer a full range of products and services from investment banking and advisory services, to retail and institutional securities & multi-asset broking, equity financing, research, derivatives and prime brokerage.We offer a full-range of solutions to meet client needs, from investment banking and advisory services, to retail and institutional securities broking, equity financing, derivatives and prime brokerage.

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Malaysia - Equities

Maybank customers can take advantage of our 1-day approval for share trading account opening. Click here to get started.

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