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Invest ASEAN

A "must" on every ASEAN investor's calendar

Invest ASEAN is our flagship conference. It goes beyond the usual financial conversations; bringing together thought leaders and special speakers on topics such as geo-politics, cybersecurity, ethics, climate change, blockchain & cryptocurrency and other major topics to offer a more holistic and timely view of the challenges facing ASEAN.

Year after year, the conference tackles some of the most important issues for the region. Its no-nonsense approach and discussion style have garnered many followers over the years.

This year, Invest ASEAN opened with yet another bold topic on everyone's mind; US-China Rivalry & the New Geopolitics in ASEAN. ... Show more

Invest ASEAN 2022
ASEAN : Framing A Future

ASEAN is navigating a changing world order.

We tackle some of the region's big questions in the context of paradigm-shifting global events

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Invest ASEAN 2021
ASEAN Rising

The theme for Invest ASEAN Conference 2021 which is now in its 10th year, was "ASEAN Rising: The Next Decade".

Invest ASEAN 2021 comprised 10 thematic conversations interspersed by country corporate exclusives

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