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ESG Compendium

Malaysia: Shifting Into Higher Gear

Broader, better coordinated momentum; ESG 2.0 rollout

Compared to the relatively downbeat assessment of Malaysia's broad ESG positioning as articulated in our maiden Compendium ("Sustainability: No longer optional", dated April 8), the last 18 months has seen a sharp acceleration in Sustainability initiatives by government, regulators and corporates alike. Crucially, these stepped-up measures, disclosures and targets demonstrate rising cohesion and integration across stakeholders, significantly increasing the chances of successful execution as well as the creation of a positive feedback loop. With qualitative ESG 1.0 tear sheets now embedded in all company research, MIBG Research has been rolling out quantitative-focused ESG 2.0 tear sheets containing MIBG's proprietary ESG scoring (45 stocks; pgs.45-147), supporting ESG Portfolio optimisation. Download Report

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