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Started in 2014, Trade[&Give] is a community programme aimed at bringing equitable growth to all levels of society by providing them with funds and access to knowledge, ideas, technology, as well as new markets. The principle is simple. Do good while you trade with us. A portion of our brokerage income is set aside to fund initiatives that bring hope and help to those in need.

Trade[&Give] was revised to address the needs of those impacted by the single most challenging event in our lifetime - Covid-19. Our office in Vietnam led the way by recruiting clients to participate in the programme. A portion of the brokerage income earned was used to meet the needs of those most affected by the pandemic; be it communities or front-liners.

Even when the region emerges from the pandemic, we are certain that the Trade[&Give] programme will continue to play an important role in helping communities get back on their feet.

Looking After In-Home Covid-19 Patients

Some of the proceeds from our Trade[&Give] programme were used to purchase medicine for Covid patients recovering at home.

Our Vietnam Team and volunteer doctors took time off to prepare 1,500 medicine bags for these patients in the Ho Chi Minh City area and surrounding provinces. The medicine bags were prepared in accordance to the guidance from the Ministry of Health Vietnam.

Leaving no one behind

Our Trade[&Give] programme continues to be a force for good in communities impacted by the pandemic and lockdowns. Our Vietnam team continued to lead the way with distribution of food bags for families in the outlying districts.

We are humbled by the opportunity to contribute in whatever way we can towards helping those in need. Read the press coverage