Dividend Policy

Maybank has a long-term dividend policy of a 40% to 60% dividend payout ratio based on reported net profit attributable to shareholders.


However, the dividend payout ratio since Financial Year 2010 has ranged between 71.9% (FY2013) to 79.9% (FP2011) due to the Dividend Reinvestment Plan in place since the final dividend of FY2010, while the full cash dividends for FY2019 resulted in a dividend payout ratio of 87.8%.

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*Actual Reinvestment Rate for Dividend Reinvestment Plan

+Dividend paid fully in cash

#The Net Dividend is 28.5 sen of which 15 sen is single tier dividend. Maybank adopted the single tier dividend regime with effect from FY2012

^ Restated for the impact of adoption of MFRS 17 Insurance Contracts

Dividend Payment

Cash dividends are paid by cheque or warrant sent by post to the last registered address of shareholders appearing in the Record of Members or via eDividend.


Instead of receiving dividends by bank cheques, using the eDividend service will enable investors to receive cash dividends directly into their bank account.


To register for the service, investors will need to submit a completed form with supporting documents to the stock broker’s office where their CDS account is maintained. If the CDS account is held in the name of a nominee, the nominee will register for the eDividend.


For more information on eDividend and how to register for the service, please visit Bursa Malaysia’s eDividends.

Dividend History

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

Maybank’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan offers shareholders the choice of receiving their dividends entirely in cash, or to reinvest the electable portion of their dividends into new Maybank ordinary shares.

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