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Maybank Global Markets has a full suite of Treasury product offerings to help you diversify your portfolio and gain mastery in navigating volatile markets.

Money Market

Short-dated instruments for you to invest excess funds for tenor up to one-year via products like Repurchase Agreements, Negotiable Instruments of Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Foreign Currency Account and more.

Fixed Income

Longer tenured investments to prepare for the future, including government bonds (MGS,SGS), corporate bonds, commercial papers, T-bills and more.

Foreign Exchange (FX)

Powerful yet customisable FX hedging solutions such as FX Spot, FX Forward, NDF(excl. MYR), Currency Options, Target Forward, Par Forward and more.


Manage exposure to interest rate and currency risks through a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions spanning various product classes.

Islamic Products

Engage in Shariah-Compliant products in both hedging and investment space that includes FX, Money Market, Fixed Income and Derivatives.

Structured Solutions

Attain attractive returns through our customized solutions such as Dual Currency Investment (DCI), Structured & Digital Deposits, Range Accruals and more.

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