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MBB Labs is the offshore innovation hub of Maybank Group. MBB Labs was set up in 2017 in Bangalore, to serve as a tech R&D centre, catering to various technical transformative efforts of Maybank. Our goal is to strengthen Maybank in its journey to continue being a leader, through digital and analytical solutions.

Our products and solutions are focussed on:

Improved Efficiency

By building products that can automate several banking processes, reducing the time and effort required to perform various financial tasks. This helps Maybank improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Better Customer Service

By creating software products that help Maybank offer better customer service by providing customers with self-service options, real-time information about their accounts, and personalized financial advice. This, in turn, helps Maybank attract and retain customers, and improve customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Risk Management

By devising products that help Maybank monitor and manage their risk exposure by providing real-time risk assessments, fraud detection, and compliance monitoring. This further helps Maybank avoid potential losses and maintain regulatory compliance.

Increased Revenue

By building financial software products that help Maybank identify new revenue streams by providing data analytics and business intelligence. This can further help Maybank make informed decisions about product development, pricing, and marketing.

Agile Practices

By helping Maybank achieve a future ready optimised balance sheet, with the aim to protect and maximise profitability. The applications we develop ensure that Maybank’s financial objectives are met within the ambit of pre-defined constraints around the bank’s regulatory capital and liquidity positions, as well as its risk appetite.

Actionable Insights

Provided to Maybank’s leadership team by a combination of applications capable of prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analytics, trained and tailored to fit Maybank’s unique dataset and customer base.

Competitive Advantage

By creating software products that help Maybank differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering innovative products and services, improving customer experiences, and optimizing operational efficiency. This helps Maybank gain a competitive advantage and grow their market share.

We are a product development company, with key focus on financial innovations. We aim to give Maybank the competitive edge to transform to a next-gen bank of choice with high-end analytics products. We are a tight-knit family of 300+ staff growing rapidly each year. Our culture is the perfect blend of Maybank’s rich history backed by Labs’ Indian roots.

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