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Maybank FUNancial Day Event to Promote Financial Awareness Among Students and Youths

12 June 2023

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Maybank recently launched its inaugural FUNancial Day, a two-day flagship initiative aimed at promoting financial awareness among students and young adults to ensure a future of well-educated community as well as achieve financial independence regardless of social and economic background.


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In a strategic collaboration with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Maybank announced the series of events to empower university students with essential financial knowledge and skills to equip them for the future.


Datuk Hamirullah Boorhan, Malaysia’s Head of Community Financial Services said that this collaboration underscores the dynamic relationship between Maybank and the education sector as it signifies Maybank's full commitment to foster and strengthen financial literacy and inclusion among young adults in the country in line with its purpose of Humanising Financial Services.


"We look forward to this partnership, which is the first of many planned for the year. Maybank recognises the immense potential of partnering with esteemed institutions such as UKM to further engage and educate the youth as this segment remains a crucial demographic for Maybank, and our digital transformation initiatives have been developed with their needs in mind," said Datuk Hamirullah.


Maybank currently serves almost 4 million young customers in Malaysia alone, offering a wide range of products tailored to their diverse lifestyle requirements. As the workforce landscape evolves, the Bank strives to provide relevant financial solutions to assist them in achieving their personal, career and financial goals.


Profesor Dato' Gs. Ts. Dr. Mohd Ekhwan Hj. Toriman, UKM Vice-Chancellor, spoke on the significance of the collaboration between UKM and Maybank, to instil and close the financial literacy gap amongst the youths in Malaysia. He said, “I am confident that this programme will raise students' awareness of online fraud, financial management, entrepreneurship, and investment. This is part of an initiative to increase industry involvement on campus and provide students with networking opportunities.”


FUNancial Day, a unique edutainment-themed based event, saw an array of engaging activities designed to captivate and educate participants. The event featured a diverse range of talks on financial literacy and career guidance, interactive games, vendor booths, captivating performances by artists and university talents, exciting lucky draws, and much more.


Maybank's FUNancial Day at UKM signifies the first physical financial program since the pandemic, targeting university students and youths. Following the resounding success of Maybank’s virtual events in 2022 namely the MCampus programme which drew an impressive participation of approximately 3,000 students, the Group witnessed an enthusiastic involvement of nearly 5,000 students and visitors over the course of the two-day event.


The event offered attendees an excellent opportunity to connect and better understand the importance of financial education as it provided various platforms to impart valuable knowledge on cultivating sound financial habits, including the importance of setting-up and committing to savings or investment plans, and more importantly staying vigilant against financial scams. Career talks during the event also provided young participants with insights to prepare themselves for their future professional journey.


Apart from the financial literacy and career talks, attendees also had the opportunity to explore the benefits of Maybank's wide range of products and services including savings and current accounts, investment options such as Goal-based investments and Maybank Islamic Gold Account-I and insurance solutions. Cashless transactions via QRPay were also made available for purchases through Maybank's Sama-Sama Lokal vendors at the event.


In conjunction with FUNancial Day at UKM, Maybank also launched Maybank@Campus at the new He & She Café in the university grounds. Maybank@Campus offers a unique hybrid of a branch and café to allow for a relaxing and laid-back environment for students. Maybank@Campus at He & She Café in UKM is the latest of its kind; with more expected to be rolled out in near future. Currently the Bank operates 7 Maybank@Campus throughout universities nationwide.


"Our success is closely measured by our customers’ satisfaction while banking with us and that remains our core priority. Maybank continuously strives to enhance and enrich our customers’ banking experience through innovative means introduced through the newly set up Maybank@Campus.


This new offering is aligned to our M25+ strategy, which emphasises on agility and continuous improvement in reimagining our products and services as we envision Maybank@Campus as a financial lounge and hotspot for students at universities, where they can gather, interact, and conduct their banking at the same time," added Datuk Hamirullah.


The FUNancial Day at UKM took place from 9th to 10th June, participated by UKM students as well as neighbouring communities around the area. FUNancial Day will start off with UKM and is planned to be held at selected universities throughout the year.