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Maybank Expands Mobile Bus Banking Service with 2 New Routes in Rural Pahang

5 July 2022

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Expansion to meet growing demand and promote greater financial inclusion


As part of efforts to meet growing demand and expand its reach of financial services to more customers especially in rural areas, Maybank has expanded its mobile bus banking service or ‘Bank Bergerak’ to cover two new routes in rural Pahang.


The new mobile bus banking service will now cover Lepar Hilir and Kuala Pahang in addition to its existing eight routes, bringing the number of routes to 10 effective 4 July 2022.


The Maybank Mobile Bus, which was introduced in 1978, has been providing basic banking services to communities residing in remote areas which are underserved and have limited or no access to banking services.


The bus offers a suite of banking services including deposits, withdrawal, payments, opening and closing of accounts as well as the setting up of standing instructions. It is staffed by two officers, a teller and a driver. For the comfort and peace of mind of customers, it is also fully equipped with CCTV and an armed guard at all times to ensure safety and security while transacting.


Datuk Hamirullah Boorhan, Head of Maybank Malaysia’s Community Financial Services said the expansion of the mobile bus banking service is in line with the Group’s efforts to further enhance financial inclusion for customers in rural areas, by offering them greater convenience and easier access, and helping reduce their travelling time to perform their banking obligations.


“We are committed to being strongly knit into the fabric of the communities and are constantly looking for ways to improve our offerings as well as help overcome the challenges faced by our customers in remote areas such as in the districts of Maran, Gambang, Pekan, Kuantan, Ulu Lepar and Kuala Pahang.


In line with our mission to Humanise Financial Services and being at the heart of the community, our aim is to ensure that the people in these communities will avail themselves to the various financial products and services available through the convenience of having a bank at their doorstep,” said Datuk Hamirullah.


To commemorate the introduction of the new routes as well as showcase the refurbished mobile bus bank, a launch ceremony was held at the Dewan Baiduri Felda Lepar Hilir 1 where guests were able to visit the “branch on the go” and participate in various games offering exciting rewards as well as Q&A sessions to clarify any queries they have on the mobile bus service. 


Datuk Hamirullah added that the eight routes have been seeing growing support from the communities served and have registered an average of 20% growth in number of customers served over the last 3 years.


“With the addition of these two new routes, we expect to serve at least 15% more customers each year, and we will look into the possibility of expanding this service to more areas if feasible,” he added.


The 10 routes cover some 500 km in distance, compared with the 420 km previously for the 8 routes, with each location now being served on a fortnightly basis.


The two newly introduced routes are also part of the Bank’s ongoing support for Bank Negara’s ‘PEMULIH’ initiative which aims to expand financial inclusion with the objective of providing better financial services to communities that have minimal financial services.


The routes and operating hours of the Maybank Mobile Bus are as below: 

First & Third WeekArea of CoverageOperation HoursSecond & Fourth WeekArea of CoverageOperation Hours
Monday Sg Jerik
(Terminal Bas Bandar Sg Jerik)
01.30PM - 03.30PM Monday Sg Jerik
(Terminal Bas Bandar Sg Jerik)
01.30PM - 03.30PM
Tuesday Sg Lembing
(Dewan Persatuan Hokkien)
11.00AM - 12.30PM Tuesday Lepar Hilir
01.30PM - 03.30PM
(Kedai 10 Kg Panching)
02.00PM - 03.00PM
Wednesday Sri Jaya
(Lot A149 Jln Kuatan Sri Jaya)
11.00AM - 12.30PM Wednesday Felda Chini
(Dewan serbaguna Dato Shahbandar)
12.00PM - 02.00PM
(44 Kedai Jalan Besar
02.00PM - 03.00PM
Thursday Kuala Pahang
(Pusat RTC Kg Kuala Pahang)
10.30AM - 02.30PM Thursday    
Friday Bukit Kuantan
(Kedai Dmart Felda Bkt Kuantan)
11.00AM - 12.30PM Friday    
Bukit Goh
(Anjung Selera Felda Bukit Goh)
02.00PM - 03.00PM


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