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Maybank celebrates art with launch of virtual art gallery

20 November 2020

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Three exhibitions to celebrate this new platform


In the spirit of all things art, Maybank has introduced its very own Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni Maybank to provide art lovers with the avenue to continue appreciating the arts even during the current movement restrictions.


The Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni Maybank, was launched given the increasing interest among art lovers who have been frequenting Maybank’s Balai Seni Art Series, as well as to provide the wider community with an opportunity to understand and enjoy different kinds of art at any time, and from the comfort of their own personal space.


Shahril Azuar Jimin, CEO of Maybank Foundation said that the idea behind the virtual art gallery came about as the current situation in the country had made it challenging for organisers and artists to hold physical exhibitions, and for people to leave their homes to view these artworks.


“Many art lovers were missing the opportunity to visit galleries where they can enjoy different kind of artworks and we felt that we should continue to provide them the opportunity to do so, notwithstanding the movement restrictions,” he explained. “At the same time, we realised that there may be people who are feeling isolated at homes and who would enjoy a change in their daily routines by exploring new hobbies or interests.”


Shahril added that given Maybank’s commitment to promoting arts and culture, the Group then embarked on the development of a virtual gallery that could possibly offer even more than a physical art gallery.


“The Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni Maybank, was then created to incorporate the ability to host many parallel exhibitions that would cater to a wide variety of subject matters,” he said. “Additionally, it was not restricted by physical distance - allowing local and international viewers to visit at their convenience from all corners of the world at any time they wish – thereby giving our artists a wider reach in terms of following and potential customers.”


Another key benefit of the Maybank Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni is that it provides local artists an ideal platform to showcase and sell their artworks to the public, thereby enabling them to generate income during these challenging times. “This is very much aligned to our mission of humanising financial services, where we endeavour to support the communities around us to build sustainable livelihoods,” explained Shahril.


Shahril also said that unlike physical exhibitions, artworks at Maybank’s Virtual Art Gallery will be available to enthusiasts for a longer period of time, ensuring there will be less chance of missing out on favourite themes or artists’ works. “Displays are also configured for optimum viewing whether it is via desktop computers, laptops, iPads or smartphones.


The Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni Maybank is currently hosting two exhibitions under the ‘Balai Seni Art Series 2020’ programme. The first is the ‘MyTIGER Values Art Competition and Exhibition 2020’ which features 119 selected artworks from a total of 430 pieces that were submitted by 316 participants from 68 Malaysian universities. It showcases a plethora of artistic styles transcending time and era, and reflects the artists’ interpretation on the theme of unity.


Running concurrently is ‘Sayang-Menyayang: A Batik Fine Art Tribute to Merdeka and Malaysia’ – to celebrate Malaysia’s Batik heritage. A total of 57 pieces of batik paintings from 23 local artists are on display in this exhibition.


“We will cap the year off with Maybank’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition – Maybank’s Collection Series 1 – in December 2020, where we will showcase rarely seen artworks by renowned Malaysian artists which are within Maybank Group’s collection,” said Shahril. “This is a much anticipated exhibition curated specially in conjunction with Maybank’s 60th anniversary and we want to share the beauty of these works with art lovers everywhere.”


Visitors who wish to experience Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni Maybank can do so via the URL


Balai Seni Maybank has been actively hosting Malaysian and international artists since its establishment in the 1980s. Some of the biggest names in the local art scene today have, in the past, exhibited their artworks at Balai Seni Maybank, which continues to support the new generation of visual arts practitioners.


Maybank Foundation, which was established in 2010, actively supports community programmes under six key pillars namely Arts & Culture, Education, Community Empowerment, Environmental Diversity, Healthy Living and Disaster Relief.