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Committed to your needs. Being on this journey together - Thank You.

09 April 2014

4 min read

To our customers, shareholders and business partners: thank you.

Thank you for choosing us as your preferred financial partner in Asia. Your support has made us the leading financial services group in Asia and one of the world's strongest banks*.

We are honoured to have taken this journey with you, one that has spanned over 53 years, across 2,200 offices in 20 countries, bearing over USD171 billion in assets. As a global bank that has grown in Asia, we have seen a remarkable economic growth in the region and are proud to have fueled the transformation for 53 years, as a participant and not just a witness.

With your encouragement and contribution, we are living our mission of Humanising Financial Services Across Asia.

We are bridging worlds in Asia by identifying the gaps in this complex and diverse, yet modern and ambitious market. Gaps between technology and people, progress and responsibility, values and growth, and ambition and possibilities.

And by closing these gaps, we're helping our customers constantly stay connected to opportunities across the region.

Because we believe that for everything that keeps us apart, there's always something that brings us together.

To us, this is humanising financial services. This is the future.

*Source: Bloomberg Markets' Annual Ranking of the World's Strongest Banks