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Maybank in RM1 million employee volunteerism push

29 February 2012

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Launches “Cahaya Kasih” Challenge for 2012

Maybank today reaffirmed its commitment to the community by setting aside over RM1 million for its “Cahaya Kasih” employee programme this year through the Maybank Foundation.

The allocation will comprise some RM600,000 which will be for Maybank offices globally to undertake sustainable initiatives for the benefit of the community this year. In addition, it will incorporate a “Maybank Cahaya Kasih Challenge” (CKC) for which some RM500,000 extra has been allocated.

(From left in the centre) Head, Group Human Capital of Maybank, Nora Manaf,
Maybank Chairman, Tan Sri Dato' Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor and
Maybank President & Chief Executive Officer, Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid
Omar with Maybankers at the launching of Maybank Cahaya Kasih Challenge 2012, in Kuala Lumpur.

Under CKC, the Foundation will select 20 top projects during the course of the year out of all the projects carried out. These 20 projects will be granted an additional allocation of RM20,000 each to further benefit the beneficiaries. The most impactful project out of these 20 will then receive a grand prize funding of RM50,000 at the end of one year, to be used solely for the further benefit of that cause.

CKC was launched in Kuala Lumpur today by the Chairman of Maybank, Tan Sri Dato’ Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor, together with the President & CEO, Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar who is also Chairman of the Maybank Foundation, and Head of Group Human Capital, Nora Manaf.

Speaking at the launch, Tan Sri Dato’ Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor said Maybankers have long sacrificed time and donated money to community building efforts, showing ‘rays of love’ and raising hopes. “In 2006, we showed the community another side of Maybankers when we partnered with the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development and embarked on a volunteerism programme for staff. This was placed under our Cahaya Kasih banner, and we adopted seven welfare homes and schools throughout the country,” he said.

Following its launch, Maybankers have continued to demonstrate their personal commitment to the cause of helping those in need in the communities, beyond the activities driven by the Bank. The cause has taken a life of its own, many of which are driven by staff themselves. The Group’s volunteer teams have also actively assisted victims during times of natural disasters and other community need.

“Since 2006, our volunteerism efforts have grown and about RM1 million has now been disbursed to various deserving causes, involving tens of thousands of volunteer hours,” said Tan Sri Megat. “We have also had two very successful annual global Corporate Responsibility (CR) Days, and there will be more.”

He added that the Group set up an enlarged Maybank Foundation last year with a mandate to coordinate its CR efforts to ensure differentiated value creation and impact across all its global operations, especially in this region.

Tan Sri Dato’ Megat continued, “To try to raise the game, we now want to institute a competition of sorts amongst Maybankers - the Cahaya Kasih Challenge (CKC). This is open to all our staff across the world.”

Meanwhile, Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar said that the expansion of the Cahaya Kasih programme was in direct response to employee feedback on the benefits they received through its activities, and the impact they believe they have made in the community.

“Cahaya Kasih has proven to be an effective platform for Maybank employees to demonstrate their commitment to the core values of the Group,” he said. “In fact, from our employee engagement survey, 82% of Maybankers who participated found CR involvement to be an ‘important / very important’ characteristic of their ideal employer. Further, CSR involvement is in the Top 10 list of areas in which Maybankers feel we do well in."

Cahaya Kasih is a long-term employee volunteerism programme initiated by Maybank for employees to engage directly with the community through regional offices, sectors and overseas operations where the Group has a presence.

Both the CKC Top 20 and Open Category are open to Maybankers worldwide. Ideas may be submitted via Planning Managers from the respective regions. Entry submissions will have to be team initiatives and not individual causes and each team can submit more than one entry with numerous ideas for sustainable initiatives.

The initiatives must demonstrate results, sustainability and impact as a long term project, occurring throughout the year as the emphasis is on sustainable initiatives. Proposed ideas will be judged on merits by the Trustees of Maybank Foundation.

Full list of CKC 2012 :-

CKC Top 20 Category
Maybank Foundation will award a grant of RM20,000 each for the best TWENTY (20) sustainable ideas. These initiatives have to relate to Children, the Elderly and the Disabled. These TWENTY (20) projects will compete for the overall winning project award at the end of 2012. This award offers a prize of RM50,000 and will be awarded at the Maybank Group’s Award Night 2013. Winners can use their winning monies to enhance their winning initiatives for another term.

CKC Open Category
Those who opt to organise their initiatives in the areas of health, education and environment, will compete for the awards that will be judged on four different categories on 15th December, which carries a prize of RM10,000 each in these categories: Best Voluntary Team, Best CR Environment Programme, Best CR Health Programme and Best CR Education Programme. These awards are presented in the pre-Dinner and Maybank Group Awards Night, functions annually.