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Maybank customers win RM642,000 in rewards campaigns

02 June 2010

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Maybank Presents over RM642,000 to Winners  of its Consumer Banking Rewards Programme

Maybank today has presented over RM642,000 to winners of its two recent consumer banking rewards campaigns.


The Bank presented RM500,000 worth of prizes of the total RM2 million offered for its 50th Anniversary Rewards Campaign in celebration of the Bank’s golden anniversary this year.


The prize money was for the first phase of the Bank’s year long Anniversary Rewards Campaigns offering a range of weekly, monthly and a Grand Prize to winners of each campaign period.


In addition, the Bank also presented prizes worth RM142,000 to winners of its Extra Rewards Campaign which ran for four months until January 2010.


“The first phase of the 50th Anniversary Rewards Campaign from January to April 2010 was a resounding success with close to RM2 billion increase in both conventional and Islamic deposits during the four month period compared to the previous four month period ended April 2009 where we recorded a RM802 million increase. Not only that, we increased our market share of savings, current and fixed deposits during this period which demonstrated our clear leadership in this segment,” said Lim Hong Tat, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Maybank Consumer Banking at the prize giving ceremony for winners of the 50th Anniversary Rewards Programmes as well as previous the Extra Rewards Deposit Campaign.


Lim added that as at March 2010, the Bank’s market share for savings deposits stood at 26.8% compared to 26.5% in March 2009, while that for current account deposits was 16.9% compared to 16.3% previously. Fixed deposits market share was 15% compared to 14.6% in March 2009. “Key to the rise in market share was the robust growth of 9.7% annualized which we saw cumulatively for these deposit segments that outstripped the industry average of 4.5%.”


“Key to the rise in market share was the robust annualized growth of 9.7% which was recorded for these deposit segments in the nine months to March 2010, outstripping the industry average of 4.5%.”


Lim said that the success of the anniversary reward campaigns were due to two main factors. “Firstly is our ability to package products that meet the needs of our customers, and secondly, the strong franchise and delivery channels that we offer today. Maybank has always worked to ensure that our customers enjoy the best in products and solutions, be they home loans, credit cards, automobile financing, insurance, remittance services or on-line and electronic banking.”


At the presentation ceremony, Puan Raja Massaha Raja Harun, customer of Maybank Senawang won the Grand Prize of RM200,000 in the 50th Anniversary Rewards Campaign. The four month campaign also offered weekly prizes of RM5,000, monthly prizes of RM50,000 apart from the Grand Prize.


Meanwhile, the Grand Prize for the Maybank Extra Deposit Campaign went to Chan Chee Keat who won an all expense paid Scandinavia and Russia Cruise package for two worth RM30,000. Two other prize winners won holiday cruises to the Mediterranean and Alaska respectively. The Extra Rewards Deposit Campaign was held from October 2009 to January 2010.


The second phase of 50th Anniversary Reward Campaign runs from May to August 2010 offering a total of RM550,000 in prize money.