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Aseambankers change of name

15 January 2009

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Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad, the investment banking arm of Maybank, today unveiled its new corporate name and identity, taking the name Maybank Investment Bank Berhad.


The introduction of the new name and logo is part of Maybank Investment Bank’s strategy to realign its investment bank brand closer to that of Maybank and leverage on the strengths of the Maybank brand.


The new name and logo were officially launched by the Minister of Finance II, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop at a special ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. Present at the launch were the Chairman of Maybank, Tan Sri Mohamed Basir Ahmad; President and CEO of Maybank, Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar and Chief Executive Officer of Maybank Investment Bank, Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof.


Speaking at the launch, Tan Sri Mohamed Basir said Aseambankers had won solid acknowledgement as the investment banking arm of Maybank, and since its inception in 1973, had played key roles in bringing to the market innovative deals to support the economic growth of the nation and contribute to the development of the capital market.


He added that the launch of the new name and logo marked another important milestone for Aseambankers - one that will open greater opportunities for the Bank, not just in Malaysia but also within the Group’s regional network.


“As a Group, we have set in motion a strategic thrust to bring transformation across our operations and aspire to become one of the top 5 financial institutions in the region by the year 2015,” said Tan Sri Mohamed Basir.


“Maybank Investment Bank, being our investment banking arm, is well-positioned to serve the needs of our corporate customers through our structured products and tailored financial solutions as well as fund managers and the man on the street via our stock broking house, which is backed by the Best Research House based on a recent poll by The Edge Financial Weekly,” said Tan Sri Mohamed Basir.


Meanwhile, Mohammed Rashdan Mohd Yusof said the introduction of the new name and logo was a natural progression following a number of corporate changes in the investment bank over the last few years. This included the integration of Aseambankers, Mayban Discount and Mayban Securities in 2006 to create a full-fledged investment bank for the Maybank Group and the acquisition of Bina Fikir last year. In addition, Maybank had also raised its stake in Aseambankers to 100% in 2007 making the investment bank a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maybank.


“With these changes and the launch of the new name and logo, we believe that Maybank Investment Bank will enjoy greater brand recognition not only in Malaysia, but also internationally where Maybank has a strong presence,” said Rashdan.


“Our intention is to leverage on the synergy with the Maybank brand, as well as the wealth of resources and capabilities available within the Group to enable us to assist local corporations and entrepreneurs, whether in corporate restructuring, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions or even regional expansion.”


Rashdan added that Maybank Investment Bank continued to see immense potential for financial advisory services even in trying times. “We see opportunities not only in Malaysia but also internationally where through the Maybank Group, we have been able to spread our reach further into the Asian region and even the Middle East.”


Aseambankers had its early beginnings as a merchant bank in 1973, when it was then called Asian and Euro-American Merchant Bankers Berhad (ASEAM). Its shareholders at that time comprised:

1. Malayan Banking Berhad;
2. Bamerical International Financial Corporation;
3. Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas;
4. Dresdner Bank, AG;
5. Kleinwort Benson Limited;
6. Union Bank of Switzerland; and
7. The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd.


In 1977, the bank officially changed its name to Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad, with the shareholding structure as follows:

Malayan Banking Berhad                    46.0% 
Banque Paribas                                 5.5%
Dresdner Bank, AG                            5.5%
Kleinwort Benson Ltd                         5.5%
Union Bank of Switzerland                  5.5%
The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd            5.5%
Sarawak Foundation                           5.0%
BA Asia Ltd                                       21.5%


In 2006 the operations of Mayban Discount and Mayban Securities were integrated with Aseambankers as part of the rationalisation of discount houses and regulatory framework for investment banks initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia. In May 2007, Maybank raised its stake in Aseambankers to 100% making it a wholly owned subsidiary.