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Maybank Alpha Centurion Capital Protected Ventures

15 April 2008

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Maybank Alpha Centurion Capital Protected Ventures into Top European Equities


Maybank today launched the Maybank Alpha Centurion Structured Deposit (MAC), the first by a local financial institution to offer investors an opportunity to invest via the Alpha Centurion European Index.


MAC is the latest in Maybank’s series of structured deposits that provide 100% capital protection on principal investment at maturity. The capital protection portion is provided via investment in Floating Rate Negotiable Instruments of Deposit (FRIND) while the potential upside return is obtained from investments in the Alpha Centurion European Index.


The Alpha Centurion European Index comprises of 100 largest global companies listed on major European exchanges.


MAC has a short tenure of two or three years without any upfront fee, management fee or exit fee. In addition, its high upside potential does not rely on market timing or direction to generate returns. MAC is invested in accordance with the long-short market-neutral Alpha Centurion strategy, which systematically and simultaneously buys low and sells high.


MAC has a deposit size of RM300 million with minimum investment at RM100,000 and subsequent subscription is RM50,000. MAC's offer period is 30 days from today and open to investors aged 18 and above. It is available from today at all Maybank branches nationwide.


Spencer Lee, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Maybank Consumer Banking said, “We developed this product to cater to the investment needs of the high net worth and mass affluent individuals. Through research we discovered that these groups of people are very exacting, expecting investments to generate returns regardless of how challenging the market environment might be.”


MAC’s income is generated from the returns of Alpha Centurion European Index. “The investment strategy is expected to generate an average potential return higher than that offered by fixed deposits. This income distribution will be paid upon maturity. Based on historical backtesting of the Alpha Centurion European Index, the maximum potential upside returns is for 29.9% for 2 years and 37.5% for 3 years respectively,” added Lee.


Lee also said MAC offers investors an attractive and relatively secure alternative to tap on the potential of European equities. “We are offering an investment product that takes the emotion out of investing from our investors during uncertain market conditions. The market neutral investment strategy mitigates against market swings with the potential to profit under most market conditions. Coupled with the short tenure and no fees upon maturity, MAC is well suited to investors who want peace of mind in times of market volatility and uncertainty,” he said.


For more information on Maybank Alpha Centurion Structured Deposit visit any Maybank branch, call Maybank Group Customer Care at 1-300-88-6688 or log on to