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Unspoken: Maybank Celebrates Chinese New Year with an Inspirational Message

05 February 2024

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From the booming drumbeats of the lion dance to exploding fire crackers to exuberant chatter with family and friends, this chaotic myriad of noises somehow reminds us of the warmth and liveliness of a home during Chinese New Year. But, have we wondered how is it like for the ones who cannot hear?


Maybank Chinese New Year 2024 Unspoken

Maybank Chinese New Year 2024 Unspoken


Maybank today premieres its Chinese New Year brand film entitled Unspoken, which aims to drive awareness on the experience of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) during the festivities. Anchored on Maybank’s purpose of Humanising Financial Services, this film follows a deaf girl, Lim Bee Chin, as she experiences a massive Chinese New Year celebration in her home with her family.


Grandparents with grandson, celebrating Chinese New Year


Co-directing this film is Pan Wai Ling, who herself is with hearing impairments, commented “This is a film with an important intent that is to raise awareness that communications can take on different forms as long as both parties understand them.”


“I have been waiting for more than 20 years for an opportunity to tell a story like ‘Unspoken’ because it truly depicts how we (the deaf community) experience a celebration like Chinese New Year,” she added.


Barney Chua, the co-director, said, “In the world of storytelling, silence can be our most powerful language. This project has given voice to the unheard and has opened our eyes to the richness of expression that transcends words. It is a reminder that true inclusion starts with understanding and embracing our differences.”


Acting for the very first time, Lim Bee Chin, who has been deaf since birth, said, “My hope for this film is that people would learn the simple sign language to communicate with the deaf community so they will not feel alone, but safe with people who can help them in times of need.” She added that able and deaf people who are family, friends, and colleagues can share in each other’s lives by understanding and communicating meaningfully.


Bee Chin on set

Lim Bee Chin on set


Maybank is continuing its effort to uplift the underserved and unserved communities, especially Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), via career development opportunities and community empowerment programmes.


Watch the full video:

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