Preserving the Roar

20 October 2023

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The Malayan tiger, a majestic subspecies distinguished by its unique characteristics, stands as a symbol of the lush Malaysian jungles.

However, these remarkable creatures are facing unprecedented threats such as habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict, and it is estimated that there are fewer than 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild. The conservation of the Malayan tiger is not merely an effort to save a species but a crucial step in preserving the intricate balance of ecosystems and safeguarding the natural heritage of Malaysia.


A tiger walks in the forest


The endangered Malayan Tiger is critical to our ecosystem and survival.


Ecological Significance

As apex predators, Malayan tigers play a pivotal role in maintaining the ecological balance of the Malaysian jungles. They regulate prey populations, preventing overgrazing and ensuring the health of the diverse ecosystems they inhabit. The presence of Malayan tigers is indicative of thriving biodiversity, reflecting the vitality and resilience of Malaysia's unique natural landscapes.



The conservation of the Malayan tiger extends beyond the protection of a single subspecies. It is about preserving entire ecosystems, as the well-being of numerous plant and animal species is interlinked with the presence of these apex predators. The conservation efforts aimed at Malayan tigers contribute to the overall health and resilience of Malaysia's rich biodiversity, maintaining the delicate balance of its natural habitats.


Economic and Cultural Importance

Malayan tigers hold significant economic and cultural value for the people of Malaysia. The lush jungles that house these creatures contribute to ecotourism, providing livelihoods for local communities. Furthermore, the Malayan tiger is deeply ingrained in Malaysian culture, symbolising strength, courage, and the mystical beauty of the jungle. The loss of the Malayan tiger would not only disrupt ecosystems but also lead to economic challenges and the erosion of cultural heritage.


How Can You Help?

While governmental and organisational efforts are crucial, individuals also play a pivotal role in the conservation of the Malayan tiger. Here are some ways in which you can actively contribute:


Raise Awareness: Spread awareness about the importance of tiger conservation. Educate others about the specific threats faced by this magnificent creature and the broader implications of their decline.


Support Conservation Initiatives: Contribute to reputable conservation organisations working towards Malayan tiger conservation. Financial support aids in funding research, habitat protection, and anti-poaching efforts.


Promote Sustainable Practices: Advocate for sustainable land use practices that minimise habitat destruction. Encourage responsible tourism that prioritises the protection of tiger habitats.


Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade: Be vigilant consumers and report any suspected illegal wildlife trade. Avoid purchasing products made from tiger parts or other endangered species.


Engage with Local Communities: Support initiatives that foster co-existence between local communities and the tiger, reducing the likelihood of human-wildlife conflict.


Since 2016, Maybank Foundation and WWF-Malaysia have joined forces to save our critically endangered Malayan tiger. Over the years, we have allocated over RM11 million towards the survival of this magnificent species in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex, a priority site for tigers under the National Tiger Conservation Action Plan. In March 2023, the Royal Belum State Park received the CA|TS accreditation which offers renewed optimism for the survival of our majestic big cat.


Protecting the Malayan tiger is a shared responsibility that requires collective action. By understanding its ecological, economic, and cultural significance, individuals can actively contribute to their conservation. Through concerted efforts, we can ensure that the Malayan tiger continues to roam the vibrant Malaysian jungles, symbolising the enduring beauty, strength and importance of nature.


By protecting the Malayan tiger, we are protecting more than just a species. We are saving life as we know it for generations to come.


Find out more about Maybank Foundation and WWF-Malaysia’s tiger conservation efforts here.

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