Cahaya Kasih

Region Johor's Santuni Anak-Anak Istimewa SK Nusantara

18 July 2021

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The Cahaya Kasih plan is a plan launched by Maybank Sdn Bhd. Through Cahaya Kasih, Maybankers become the core of their community-and devote themselves to everything they do. The Maybank Foundation's flagship employee volunteering program Cahaya Kasih (CK) encourages Maybank people to unite as agents of change and make a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve. Since its launch in 2006, Cahaya Kasih has developed into a major regional volunteer program. The evolution of Cahaya Kasih is the result of years of internal learning. Employees can choose careers or projects that meet the pillars of the Maybank Foundation and support long-term relationships with all stakeholders.



Determined to make a difference for children with special needs, employees in the Johor/Malacca region launched a program to support 30 students with special needs in Sekolah Kebangsaan Nusantara Gelang Patah. The ages of these students range from six to fourteen years old. Although there are eight teachers dedicated to taking care of these students, they are often disadvantaged in major school activities due to their disabilities. This has captivated the students' interest. The colouring competition has also witnessed touching moments between students and parents, and it also proves the significance of parents participating in the growth of their children. Next, the team will continue to help these students in areas that require more attention, and solve the problems highlighted by teachers about absenteeism and inattention and lack of interest in the classroom. So far, these activities have shown the progress and growth of students.



Their goal is to explore new learning methods so that these students can stay focused and stimulated throughout the education process. “Through this initiative, I began to realize that these children have their own uniqueness. We need to learn a lot from them to understand them better. We should never compare one child with another but should always try to make every child play their best and help them discover and apply themselves in a good way. ”-Noor Shakeela Binti Omar (Clerical at JB main). JB Zone Maybankers came up with the idea of teaching traditional dance to these students, hoping to expand their cognitive development and make them more interesting and interesting to the school. In the end, the 15 best dancers will be selected to perform on CR Day around the world.  “We can see positive changes among the students, especially those who participate in dance performances. For example, adik Az Zahra Bt Arshad, she used to be late all the time, but now she became motivated to arrive at school on time.” Puan Norzaihan Bt Abd Jalal (Teacher).

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