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Datuk Yee Yang Chien

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Datuk Yee Yang Chien, 55, was appointed as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of Maybank on 24 November 2023.

He holds a Double Degree in Accounting and Financial Management and Economics from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.


Datuk Yee started his career in various external and internal audit functions/roles. He then assumed roles related to equity research and investment banking in various local and international financial institutions before spending close to 20 years with MISC Berhad (“MISC”). Among the senior management roles that Datuk Yee assumed in MISC are Vice President, Corporate Planning, Chief Operating Officer and President/Group CEO.


He retired as the President/Group CEO of MISC in September 2022 having held the position for almost 8 years. During his time with MISC, he led the execution of MISC Group’s strategies and also various corporate exercises which include mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments and divestments, corporate bond issuance, initial public offering and incubated/launched technological/digital start-ups.


Besides Maybank Board, he is also a Director of Uber Motors Technik Sdn Bhd.