Corporate Governance


Overview & Commitment

As a leading banking group, Maybank believes strongly in sustainable procurement – a process where we meet our need for goods and services in a way that also creates value for society and respective local economies.


Maybank’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers (“the Code”) sets an expectation on all suppliers to operate and conduct their business in a responsible, lawful and ethical manner, while respecting the rights of individuals, and helping to reduce environmental impact.


Alongside our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) commitments, strategies and objectives, we aim to work with our suppliers to achieve high standards and adopt best practices throughout our supply chain.


The Code reflects and frames requirements and values which all our suppliers, their employees, agents and subcontractors, including parent companies or/and affiliate entities (hereinafter referred to as “suppliers”), are required to meet and uphold while conducting business with or on behalf of Maybank.

Mandatory Compliance
It is mandatory for all suppliers to adhere to the Code as a condition of doing business with Maybank. Maybank ensures that our business dealings with external parties are conducted with the highest standards of integrity. Failure to comply is viewed seriously by Maybank and is sufficient cause for termination of engagements with suppliers.

Obligations & Standards Required
Suppliers are expected to comply with the following requirements as part of doing business with Maybank:

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    • Maybank’s purchasing and sourcing activities are guided by local laws and the regulatory frameworks imposed on banks in countries where we operate. All suppliers are required to abide by the local laws and regulations.

  • Health & Safety
    • Provide a conducive work environment for all employees by complying with all local health and safety standards, regulations, and laws.
    • Implement health and safety procedures in accordance with the nature and standards of the supplier’s industry.

  • Environmental Standards
    • Comply with all local environmental laws and regulations of operating countries when conducting business activities.
    • Maintain and update all required environmental approvals, permits and registrations in the relevant jurisdictions.
    • Demonstrate good stewardship while working to implement impact reduction measures for core business operations (e.g. through progressive targets and initiatives for the reduction of water and electricity consumption, management and monitoring of waste and emissions, etc.).
    • Have continuous business improvement plans to mitigate environmental impact from daily operations.
    • Practise efficient utilisation of resources such as energy and water; and effective waste management to minimise environmental impact and support the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) emissions which contribute to climate change issues from business activities.

  • Labour Standards & Human Rights
    Suppliers are expected to provide a fair and ethical workplace for their workers / employees, in accordance with relevant local labour laws, and integrate appropriate human rights practices which includes, but are not limited to;
    • Non-discrimination
    • Anti-harassment
    • Fair working hours, wages and benefits
    • No involuntary and/or underage labour   
    • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
    • Grievance procedures and mechanisms

  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
    • Suppliers shall not directly or indirectly engage in any form of corrupt practices including extortion, fraud, and bribery or offer anything of value (entertainment or gifts) for the purpose of obtaining undue and improper advantage or influencing decision making in violation of the law.

  • Quality of Products & Services
    • Maintain high quality of product and service requirements, specifications and safety criteria in compliance with applicable laws and accepted standards during the performance of the contract with Maybank.

  • Financial & Business Records
    • Accurately provide information to Maybank on request, regarding business activities, structures, financial situations and performance in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Protection of Information
    Maybank is committed to protecting its personal data, confidential information and intellectual property. Thus, confidential information is only provided to suppliers when necessary. This information is not to be disclosed by any suppliers without Maybank’s prior written consent. We set the following guidelines on information handling for personal data, confidential information and intellectual property:

    • Adherence to any and all standards and procedures set by Maybank in relation to the handling of any personal data, confidential information and intellectual property shared by Maybank;
    • Compliance with all relevant requirements pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
    • No releasing of any data or contract specific information including names or pricing, except as necessary at an aggregate commodity level for supplier negotiation purposes or as required by law.
    • No disclosure of Maybank’s confidential information and intellectual property to another supplier or third-party. Release of any data or information is to be made with Maybank’s written approval in conjunction with the conduct of work.
    • No release of information or comments on any commercial or strategic planning aspects of Maybank’s relationship with any supplier.
    • A mandatory non-disclosure agreement is to be executed in instances where Maybank’s confidential information is to be disclosed by a supplier or other external parties.
    • The supplier is to apply all necessary controls and processes to safeguard any data, intellectual property and/or confidential information shared by Maybank and to use it only for the purpose defined in the service engagement.


Relationship with Suppliers
Maybank manages risks related to the supply chain through our procurement procedures and processes. During any tender, engagements or communications with Maybank should be done through authorised personnel only. Any amendments to contract terms are required to be authorised and agreed by both parties involved in the agreements in writing.

Reporting of Improper Conduct
Maybank provides secure channels for feedback or complaints on improper conduct by its employees and representatives. The Maybank Group Whistleblowing Policy is available on our corporate website. The channels for such feedback/complaints are:

Automated Hotline

Secured voice recording: Toll-free number 1-800-38-8833 or +60-3-2026 8112 for overseas.




Group Compliance, P.O. Box 11635, 50752 Kuala Lumpur


Last updated on 20 July 2022