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The investment processes and decisions making processes of Maybank Asset Management
are firmly grounded  in its 4 tenets which are:

Balanced Long Term Focus

We take a big picture view of the companies invested in while exercising an enormous amount of discipline and patience to avoid short-term noise by committing to low portfolio turnover.
A long term view is vital in weathering market volatility which in turn provides our investors with valued investments.

Structured & Disciplined

We adhere to a structured and disciplined investment process with the goal to deliver competitive, consistent and stable performance.

Active Management

We make decisions based upon extensive research and active management where investment portfolios are re-evaluated and monitored periodically. Our team provides in-depth and extensive research to identify and exploit market inefficiencies.

Risk Management

We place high emphasis in practicing stringent risk management qualities and therefore made compulsory for our investment professionals to understand, obtain qualifications and apply risk parameters before the investment decisions are made to deliver competitive risk adjusted returns.