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Maybank World MasterCard Offers Top Value in Travel Benefit

07 July 2010

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 7, 2010 – Maybank today unveiled its premium Maybankard World MasterCard that provides top of the range benefits and privileges. Premised on the proposition of ‘Spend Anytime, Anywhere to Earn Treats AirMiles’, the Maybankard World MasterCard offers frequent fliers the highest number of Treats AirMiles when used for everyday purchases.


For every RM2 charged on the card in Malaysia or RM1 spent overseas, five Treats AirMiles can be earned under the exclusive Maybankard World MasterCard travel programme which is redeemable for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Enrich Miles. Every 5 Treats AirMiles is equivalent to 1 Enrich Miles. Other first-of-its-kind benefits include 50,000 complimentary Treats AirMiles upon approval of the Maybankard World MasterCard and travel insurance of up to RM2 million.


Speaking at the launch of the new card, Lim Hong Tat, Deputy President and Head of Community Financial Services Maybank said, “The introduction of this prestigious card is in line with Maybank’s commitment to cater to the diverse needs of our consumer segments. The Maybankard World MasterCard opens a new realm of possibilities in travel benefits for the high-end customer who will also receive exclusive card-related and banking privileges at Maybank’s private banking centres nationwide as well as access to a dedicated customer service line. Through this premium card, Maybank can better fulfill the distinctive lifestyle needs of a select group of customers, in this instance, the affluent frequent traveler.”


Jim Cheah, vice president and senior country manager, Malaysia and Brunei, MasterCard Worldwide said, “The introduction of the Maybankard World MasterCard could not have come at a more relevant and timely period. There is a growing number of Malaysians who are looking to spend on international air travel.”


“In the MasterCard Worldwide Index of Consumer Confidence & Purchase Priority Index 2010, 25% of the Malaysians surveyed indicated that they are most likely to spend on international air travel – this is a healthy increase from last year’s figure of 11%. Given the scenario, we are confident this product will be immensely successful,” Cheah added.


Elaborating on the special arrangement with MAS, Lim said that the other benefits of the Maybankard World MasterCard travel programme is the attractive savings offered when travelling on MAS. “Cardholders who purchase a one way MAS Business Class ticket will receive 50% discount on the return flight using Enrich Miles. The programme also allows for 25% and 15% discounts on business class and Flex Seats economy class fares respectively based on market rates at the time of purchase.”


With added advantages like Treats AirMiles that never expire, year-long access to MAS Golden Lounges worldwide as well as complimentary Hilton Premier Club membership valid at over 40 hotels around Asia and the Middle East, the Maybankard World MasterCard is expected to be well-received, according to Lim.


He said, “We are confident that with the increasing affluence of Malaysians and the business traveler market, there will be a niche market for high premium credit cards that demands the best of travel experience and privileges, which the Maybankard World MasterCard is well positioned to offer.”


“The programme will be targeted at Maybank’s high network customers with the aim of having 10,000 Maybankard World MasterCard holders in the first year. We intend to maintain the card’s exclusivity by keeping the number of cards issued conservative.”