Maybank Islamic introduced the Aspirasi Wanita Programme In support of iTEKAD ms programme established by Bank Negara Malaysia The programme aims to assist low income microentrepreneurs strengthen their financial management and business acumen towards generating sustainable income

Programme name

Aspirasi Wanita


A digital financial inclusion program in collaboration with Madcash Sdn. Bhd and various State Islamic Religious Councils. It aims to economically empower asnaf women entrepreneurs, specifically micro entrepreneurs and gig workers i.e. Kiddocare, Pantang Plus, Jari Jemari Nenek etc, through strategic business trainings, mentorings & coachings and access to seed capital (qard hasan) and financing with Maybank Islamic

Implementation Partner

Multiply, Assist & Donate Cash (MADCash)

Target Segment


No. of Beneficiaries Impacted



  • Equipped asnaf women entrepreneurs with financial skills and understanding
  • Improved lives which led them to be out of the poverty circle and asnaf category

Interested participants will need to apply through MADCash’s platform and to complete the questionnaires: