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Multi-Asset Investment Account-i (MAIA)

Pave your future with Multi-Asset Investment Account-i, a wiser choice to suit your investment needs


Take your investment further with our latest innovative Shariah compliant product, Multi-Asset Investment Account-i (“MAIA”). MAIA is a close-ended Investment Account that aims to maximise investment returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant Financing Assets and marketable securities.

Enjoy a medium term investment solution of 3 years, with low entry placement of RM 10,000.

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MAIA-i Features




Individuals & Non-Individuals


3 years, close-ended fund

Initial Placement Period

From 9 December 2020 until 17 January 2021¹

Minimum Placement


(additional placement of minimum RM1,000)

Key benefits

Potential Higher Returns
Target return of 4.25% p.a.² with yearly potential profit pay out of 3.00% p.a.²
Higher returns than 3-year Islamic Fixed Deposit rate.

Capital Preservation
Low volatility, cushioned by investing in Financing Assets*.

Lower fees compared to other close-ended funds. MAIA’s arranger fee is only 1.50%.

Early Termination
The Bank may terminate the MAIA early subject to the MAIA meeting the expected return per annum of 4.25% x 3 years, which amounts to a cumulative total of 12.75% (net of fees) at any point of time from the commencement date to any date before the expiry of the Placement Period.

PIDM coverage

Not protected by PIDM

* Click here for PIDM's DIS Brochure.

* Click here for List of Insured Deposits

* Financing Asset are defined as the Bank’s retail financing assets include auto financing, unit trust financing, home financing, personal financing and credit cards.

¹The Bank reserves the right to shorten the initial placement period at the Bank’s discretion if it is deemed beneficial to Investment Account Holder (“IAH”)
² The Target Return is indicative and is subject to change. The targeted return and the excess NAV upon the Investment Account’s maturity may be achieved barring any unforeseen or drastic market movement. The targeted return and rate of profit payout will be determined on the commencement date of the Investment Account and subject to change.

Note: This product is not a Unit Trust Fund

How to Open an Account?

Limited Time Offers

The first 200 customers to make RM100,000  and above placement will receive an exclusive Hugo Boss notebook.

How to Open an Account?

Open your MAIA account with a quick visit to your nearest Maybank branch. Please bring along these documents:

  • Original MyKad Identification Card (“IC”) for Malaysians
  • Original Passport for Foreigners

For new Maybank/ Maybank Islamic customers, other supporting documents are needed

For new Maybank or Maybank Islamic customers, you are required to open an Islamic Savings, Current or Mudharabah Investment Account with us.

Plan your branch visit by making an appointment first with our Maybank EzyQ.

Make an Appointment

Open your MAIA account without visiting Maybank branch via your Relationship Managers and Personal Financial Advisors.

Note : This is only applicable to existing Maybank/ Maybank Islamic customers who has invested in other investment products.

Rates, Fees and Charges

What kind of rates, fees and charges to expect?

Indicative Profit Rate

Profit Sharing Ratio




4.25% p.a.





Upfront Arrangers Fee
(per placement)


Exit Fee
(Early redemption prior to maturity)

Year 1: 2.0% of the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) of the placement

Year 2: 1.5% of the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) of the placement

Year 3: 1.0% of the Net Asset Value (“NAV”) of the placement

Click here for daily NAV and performance.

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