Islamic Dual Currency Investment

Shariah-compliant short term investment which offers a potentially higher return (compared to other investment products) through your preferred currency and alternate currency. Based on the Shariah principles :-
a) Murabahah (cost plus) via Tawarruq arrangement;
b) Wa'd (undertaking); and
c) Bai' al-Sarf (currency exchange contract).

  • Minimum Investment:

    RM50,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency.

Features & Benefits

Minimum investment: RM50,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency.

  • A Shariah-compliant short tenure investment ( 1 week to 2 months)
  • Enhanced profit rate (as high as double digits).
  • Choice of various currency pairing is available.
  • At maturity, the investment amount and profit can be paid in Base Currency or Alternate Currency.
  • Customisable – you can choose the currency pair, tenure, strike rate and profit rate depending on your investment needs and risk appetite.
  • Non-principal protected.
  • High returns, short investment tenure.
  • No fees and no hidden charges.
  • Diversification on your investment portfolio. 

Who Should Get IDCI?

IDCI is suitable for eligible investors who:

  • Seek higher return than Islamic fixed deposit/fixed deposit. 
  • Are willing to accept either Base Currency or Alternate Currency at maturity.
  • Have requirements for alternate/foreign currency.
  • Investors falling under the definition of “Accredited Investors”, “High Net Worth Entity, or High Net Worth Individual” in Part 1, Schedule 6 and 7 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007.
  • Investors must maintain a Multi Foreign Currency Account-i (MFCA-i) or Multi Foreign Currency Account (MFCA) with Maybank Islamic Berhad/Maybank.

How IDCI Works

The illustration below is based on an investment amount of MYR 250,000 and a duration of two (2) weeks.



Assuming you have children studying in Australia and you would like to benefit from Maybank Islamic’s IDCI for high returns.

Step 1

As your children’s school fees are not due yet, you decide that meanwhile, you are comfortable placing MYR 250,000 in IDCI to earn higher returns.

Step 2

You do not want to tie your money down for too long. Hence you choose an investment tenure of 2 weeks (14 days).

Step 3

As long as your children are studying in Australia, you are indifferent to holding currency in MYR or AUD. Hence you pair your investment of MYR 250,000 to AUD.

Step 4

Assuming that the current AUD/MYR exchange rate is 2.9000 and you choose a strike rate for AUD/MYR of 2.8900 that you are comfortable with, which offers 8.00% per annum.


Scenario 1

On the Fixing Date, if the Fixing Rate e.g. 2.8950, is higher than the Strike Rate of 2.8900, you will receive Principal + Profit in MYR at maturity.


MYR 250,000.00 + (MYR 250,000.00 x 8% p.a. x 14/365)

= MYR 250,767.12


Scenario 2

On the Fixing Date, if the Fixing Rate e.g. 2.8800 is lower than the Strike Rate of 2.8900, you will receive Principal + Profit in AUD at maturity.


MYR 250,000.00 + (MYR 250,000.00 x 8% p.a. x 14/365) / 2.8900

= MYR 250,767.12 / 2.8900

= AUD 86,770.63


At this point, you can choose to keep the AUD (for the impending school fee) or choose to immediately convert the AUD proceeds to MYR at the prevailing spot AUD/MYR rate at 2.8800


Please note that an immediate conversion back to MYR may result in loss of your initial Investment Amount as follows:


AUD 86,770.63 x 2.8800 = MYR 249,899.41 (loss of MYR 100.59)

The above example is solely for illustration purposes only and not an indication or projection of performance of the Base Currency and Alternate Currency. Actual returns will be based on the tenure of the investment, Strike Rate and performance of the selected Base Currency and Alternate Currency.

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