Foreign Currency Offshore Property Financing-i

Shariah-compliant financing for your London dream home.


Shariah compliant

  • Based on the principle of Murabahah (cost plus profit)

Stamp duty exemption for financing documents

  • Stamp duty is exempted for non-Ringgit instruments under International Currency Business Unit (ICBU) incentives under the Malaysia International Islamic Finance Center (MIFC) initiative.

Declaration Requirement

  • You are only required to declare to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) when your foreign currency financing exceeds RM10,000,000 or equivalent.

No limit for purchase of overseas property

  • Up to 70% margin of financing for a 3rd housing financing purchased locally, as per BNM guidelines.

Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Exposure

  • Minimize foreign currency exposure via deposits in a Foreign Currency Account.

Save profit when you pay more

  • Extra funds paid into the financing account will automatically reduce the principal and save your profits.

No early settlement charges / exit penalty

  • No extra charges when you settle the financing early.

Protection of ceiling rate upon the fluctuation of Islamic cost of fund (ICOF)

  • Protect your exposure with the maximum claim by the Bank upon fluctuation of ICOF.

No Withholding Tax Incurrence

  • Remittance is not required since both customer and the financing account resides in Malaysia.


  • Higher margin of financing of up to 80%
  • Additional capitalization of valuation and legal fees into financing amount
  • Longer tenure of up to 30 years
  • Non - compounding of profit rate and charges
  • Enjoy rebates for early settlement
  • No limitations on type of properties to be owned
  • No minimum entry level for purchase by non-residents.
  • No restrictions on re-sale of foreign owned properties to locals/non-residents.

Scope of Financing

  • Financing purchase of residential and commercial properties
  • Refinancing of existing mortgage from financial institutions in United Kingdom or other Malaysian banks.
  • Completed and off-plan properties
  • Located in Prime Areas in Zones 1-3 and selected Zones 4 of London, England.
  • For investment or "buy-to-let" purpose only

How to apply

  • Malaysian citizens and permanent residents
  • Non United Kingdom or European Economic Community (EEC) residents

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