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Funding CFD Account

How do I fund my CFD Account?

There is a variety of ways to fund your CFD trading account.

• Electronic Payment for Shares (EPS)
With EPS, you can pay via ATMs or Internet Banking. Your bank account will be directly linked to your trading account. Please note that funds transferred before 8pm will be reach us on the next working day.

To apply for this service, email us at or visit our Customer Service Centres. Alternatively, click here to download the application form.

All funds transferred through EPS will automatically be deposited into your cash account. To transfer the funds to your CFD account, please contact your Trading Representative.

• Bill Payment Service via Internet Banking
With Bill Payment Service, you can pay via Internet Banking through the following banks:

When making a Bill Payment, you will need to identify yourself with a Bill Ref/Consumer Reference.

Bill Ref/Consumer Reference for your cash account:
This has eight characters, beginning with the code of your Trading Representative (e.g. AZ), followed by your six (6)-digit Margin account number (e.g. 123456). In this example, your Bill Ref/Consumer Reference will be "AZ123456".

Bill Ref / Consumer Reference' for CFD Account:
This has eight characters and can be found on your trading platform. Please omit the first '0'. If your trading platform reflects M2/0330001, then your Bill Ref/Consumer Reference is M2330001.

Please note that funds transferred before 8pm will reach Maybank Securities on the next working day.

• Internal Funds Transfer
You may request for funds to be transferred between trading accounts. Please contact your Trading Representative for more information.

• Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
For TT transfer, please click here for the details.

Please inform your Trading Representative if you have transferred funds to your trading account.

Funds received by Maybank Securities Pte Ltd before 12pm on a working day will be reflected in your CFD account the next working day. Any funds received after 12pm will be reflected 2 working days later.