About Corporate Banking

We create value for our corporate customers via synergistic partnerships with our product specialists within Maybank Group. This approach allows us to provide total financial solutions for our customers. We also offer made-to-measure products for Retail customers and insurance products under Etiqa.


Corporate Banking provides credit facility, ensuring quality of its origination and profitability growth.
It collaborates with Client Coverage and Client Relationship Managers to ensure loans approved are
of highest quality with viability of business and repayment capability.

Corporate Banking Solutions

Short-term Revolving Credit
Convenient form of bank financing structured for corporate clients who require short-term credit for working capital. Facility can be rolled over upon maturity and can be arranged for 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of rollover period.

Bridging Loan
Helps enterprises meet their working capital needs by providing financing. It provides access to financing for expansion and for capitalising on business opportunities. Loan applies for a variety of activities, which includes enhancement of working capital, expansion of existing production capacity and others.

Term Loan
Financing with fixed amount and tenure of repayment granted to Business Enterprises or Corporate customers for acquisition of fixed assets. Period of loan can be short (2 years or less), medium (less than 5 years) and long (more than 5 years).
Repayment can be made in equal instalments either by monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or lump sum payment. Interest is quoted on yearly rests basis.

Property Development Financing

A financing package for developers looking to embark on a residential and/or commercial development.

We provide end-to-end financing to cater mainly for buying land, finance real estate deals, build or have builders to build projects, control and orchestrate the process of development.

A short-term loan made available to customers with a current account to withdraw any amount required each time by issuing cheques, provided the overdraft limit is not exceeded. Any deposit into the account will reduce the outstanding overdraft but the customer can withdraw again from the account as long as it is within the limit approved by the bank.

Syndication Loan
Offered to clients looking for general corporate purposes, including among others, capital expenditures, working capital and expansion.

Contract Financing
A tailored financing for a specific project or contract. The financing package varies in accordance to the type of contracts i.e. construction (civil/infrastructure), supply, services etc.
This package provides financial support through every stage of the project. For construction project, pre and post construction financing can be arranged.

With a dedicated team of professionals under the Special Enterprise Relationship (SER), we manage corporate funding carefully by working closely with product partners within the Maybank Group in crafting wholesome total solutions for clients.