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‘Macam Yes, Maybe Not’ music video – Maybank’s powerful message on scam awareness

10 November 2022

4-min read

Connecting the community through music, humour and awareness with one song, Maybank’s recently released scam awareness music video titled “Macam Yes, Maybe Not” has garnered close to 4 million views on Youtube within two weeks.


Click play to view the "Macam Yes, Maybe Not" music video.
You may also visit Maybank's official YouTube, Facebook or Instagram page.


The music video with a length of 3.40 minutes aims to amplify the Bank’s message to the public on the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious when banking online and in safeguarding their personal banking details. The contemporary, comical and catchy music video is a parody of prominent international and local musicians crooning their way through various scam tactics currently plaguing the public and methods of protecting oneself against such scams.


Given the rise of scams in Malaysia and globally since the pandemic as more individuals migrate to the use of online banking services, Maybank seeks to broaden the awareness on scam methods to the different segments of society, cutting across the various customer demographics including age, gender and ethnicity.


Using parody singers Snoop Dodge, Jay Ciao, Rings and BlekPink as a creative way to demonstrate the tagline “Macam Yes, Maybe Not”, the video appeals to all walks of life and is inclusive as it covers the main languages spoken in Malaysia including Bahasa Melayu, English, Cantonese and Tamil.


‘Macam Yes’ is a colloquial term familiar to the Malaysian public and used in the music video to highlight that many scammers exploit the victims with persuasive tactics. Therefore, “Macam Yes, Maybe Not” is a simple message of always questioning oneself over an offer that seems too good to be true. It reminds the public to not easily fall prey to attempts by fraudsters to scam the public into revealing their personal banking details.  

Maybank believes that music is a universal language that truly unites people and this music video is another effective method of reaching the masses, especially given Maybank’s over 15 million customer base worldwide. A strong advocate of driving scam awareness, Maybank continues to update the public on its scam awareness campaigns, initiatives and regular safety and security feature updates for its online banking web and app, Maybank2u. Maybank also urges the public and its customers to do their part in continuously protecting themselves by ensuring their personal banking details are kept safe and never shared with a third party.  


To know more about how to protect yourself against scams, please visit or follow Maybanks’ official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page. If you suspect you have been scammed, immediately call Maybank’s 24-hours Fraud hotline at 03-5891 4744; or the National Scam Response Centre at 997 (8am-8pm daily).