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Over 90% of Non-Clerical Employees Upgraded to Workplace Enablers via Bank’s Upskilling Programme

26 April 2022

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Some 93% of Maybank non-clerical employees have successfully completed the Bank’s Workplace Enablers (WE) programme and have been upgraded to Clerical grade where they now carry the WE title. In addition to the promotion and conversion of their corporate title, they have also been accorded a 10% increment to their base pay.


This unique programme – believed to be the first in Malaysia - was rolled out in January 2021. It was aimed at providing non-clerical employees with new skills to accelerate their career progression and take on greater responsibilities. It also offered them opportunities to be reassigned to other parts of the bank where they can not only apply their newly developed capabilities, but also adapt to an environment that is undergoing continuous change, particularly in response to digitalisation as well as the pandemic.


Datuk Nora Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer of Maybank said, “We believe the success of this conversion would translate to a higher impact amongst our employees, in line with our M25 plans to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence whilst providing world-class customer experience as we gradually move away from the traditional ways of working.


With the WE in the workforce, we are not just looking to retain our employees but also to upscale the value of their jobs so that they are motivated to deliver stronger experiences and service levels in the workplace of the future, ready and equipped with the required skills to brave changes and challenges.”


The WE initiative, costing approximately half a million ringgit and benefitting over 360 non-clerical employees across Maybank’s Malaysian operations was an eight-month training programme, which focused on experiential learning comprising four phases:

  • Context Setting & Setting the Right Mindset
  • Reskilling & Capability Building
  • Supplemental Learning & Advisory
  • Peer Learning & Continuous Support


To enable them to perfom well in their new roles, each WE was partnered with a ‘buddy’ to assist them with various aspects of their new responsibilities.

With the successful completion of the programme, the WE have been equipped with relevant skills to thrive in the new workplace, which would translate into better career prospects and higher productivity for them, as well as improved performance in driving world-class customer experience.

Datuk Nora added that as part of the Group’s mission to Humanise Financial Services, an engagement session was also conducted with the remaining 7% who were not as successful as their counterparts, to identify their gaps and opportunities for improvement via a session with their respective line managers. “The ultimate goal is to ensure that all non-clerical employees are upgraded to the WE status and receive equal opportunity.”

She also said that a successful organisation is not only measured by how well it is managed or performed financially, but also by how responsible it is in ensuring the sustainable future of its employees so that no one gets left behind.

“Maybank will continue to nurture talents by providing formal and bespoke training programmes to ensure that they are able to accelerate their career progression and take on greater responsibilities in the future,” she said.


Maybank has, over the years, launched numerous holistic and proactive initiatives to shape the future of its people from all levels and to push boundaries in delivering its mission of a #HumanisingWorkplace. Amongst others, the Group has introduced programmes with a focus on FutureReady Digital Upskilling, Enhanced Customer Experience, Sustainability and many more, to equip its diverse workforce with the right mindset, behaviours and skills needed to achieve their full potential and build successful careers.