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Maybank to Upskill Non-Clerical Employees as part of Workforce Upscaling Initiative

26 January 2021

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As part of its continuous efforts to upscale its employees and equip them with necessary skills to thrive in the IR4.0 and COVID-19 work environment, Maybank today announced that it will embark on a nationwide programme to upskill all its non-clerical personnel into a new role called Workplace Enablers.


This unique programme – believed to be the first in Malaysia – will provide the non-clerical employees with new skills, which will enable them to accelerate their career progression and take on greater responsibilities, including providing them an opportunity to be reassigned to other parts of the bank where they can further apply their newfound capabilities.


The Workplace Enablers will undergo an eight-month training programme, with a focus on experiential learning. The training programme comprises four phases: Phase 1 being two months of continuous engagement in setting the right context, four months of learning programmes in Phase 2, two months of support learning and advisory via online mediums in Phase 3, and then finally Phase 4, in which the employees would have ‘graduated’, but will still be aided with peer learning and continuous support depending on their needs.


Like its namesake, the Workplace Enablers role aims to enable a more seamless workplace experience for all Maybank employees through the provision of quality and efficient administrative support. This includes, but is not limited to, supporting clerical functions, interacting with clients, visitors and vendors, arranging meetings and managing a co-working space, as well as assisting Organisational Safety and Health committee members with workplace inspections and hazard assessments.


Group Chief Human Capital Officer of Maybank, Datuk Nora Manaf said that this initiative is a key component of Maybank’s efforts to re-design its workplaces to adapt to an environment that is undergoing continuous change, particularly with the disruption brought about by digitalisation as well as the pandemic.


“Through this programme, we are not just looking to retrain our non-clerical personnel, but also to upscale the value of their jobs so that they are motivated to deliver stronger experiences and services in the workplace of the future. We hope it will help them be ready and equipped with the required skills to brave changes especially during one of the most challenging periods in our lifetime which has spurred global economic uncertainty and severely impacting job markets.”


Datuk Nora added that this programme - costing approximately half a million ringgit and benefitting over 360 non-clerical employees across Maybank’s Malaysian operations – should also translate into better career prospects for them in the future, higher productivity, as well as improved performance and operational excellence in driving global-class customer experience.


“Ultimately, our intention is to help them continue upskilling themselves through our other FutureReady programmes and be eligible to take on even higher job responsibilities, thereby growing professionally and contributing more effectively to the country’s overall economic progress,” she said.


Maybank also has in place various other formal and bespoke training programmes such as the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme, the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge, Maybank Young Bankers Internship programme, FutureReady Skills programme, EXCO-led Culture Reinforcing Initiatives and the Maybank Women Mentor Women Council for new graduates, mid-career professionals as well as senior executives, giving them the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the banking and finance industry.