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Maybank pays tribute to the art of ‘Batik’

21 November 2019

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Maybank Group is paying tribute, as well as helping promote the preservation and sustainability of the traditional art form, Batik, by hosting a specially curated art exhibition for nine Malaysian batik artists to showcase their creativity in ‘batik art’ at Balai Seni Maybank.

The art exhibition entitled ‘Painting Batik: An Exhibition and Tribute’ was put together with the intention of honouring the late Wan Nong Abdul Rahman, the pioneer of Batik painting techniques and to reintroduce the uniqueness of Malaysian Batik. The exhibition is also a continuation of Maybank’s Balai Seni Art Series 2019 which strives to empower the development of local artists and to enrich the community with meaningful cultural experiences.

The exhibition features artworks by Abdul Rahman Abdul Rani, Ahmad Tajuddin Ahmad, Fauziah Hj. Yahaya, Amir Arshad, Hishamuddin Ahmad, Azhar Arshad, Siti Hasmah Dato Taiban, Ahmad Fauzi Hj. Arshad and Mat Dollah who were all once students and friends of the late Wan Nong Abdul Rahman.

A total of 43 artworks are being showcased at the exhibition, and were created using the method of ‘batik art’, where the use of brush and ‘djanting’ (a Javanese instrument for applying hot wax in batik) are used to draw batik images on canvas. The style of the artworks range from the representational, stylised forms of landscapes and people to abstract works. The artworks reveal not only the artists’ personalities but also their mastery of the batik painting technique.

CEO of Maybank Foundation, Shahril Azuar Jimin said that the exhibition continues to support the Group’s ongoing social mission to honour the creative efforts of local artists as well as celebrate the historical evolution of the country’s legendary art form.

“The exhibition stands as a testament of our appreciation for the lively Batik motif that has been such an influential artistic standard in our Malaysian society over the last few decades. We are inspired that Batik is still in the hearts of our society and a part of Malaysia’s culture that shapes our living.”

“As Batik remains part of the Malaysian identity, it is vital that it is preserved as a distinct creative form so that it may be passed down to the future generations of Malaysia.”

The artworks at the exhibition are up for sale and are priced between RM1,500 to RM20,000.

The exhibition will also host a daily demonstration of batik painting techniques where visitors will have the opportunity to learn batik painting from some of the artists. An array of Batik merchandise is also available for sale at the exhibition.

The ‘Painting Batik: An Exhibition and Tribute’ exhibition is open to public from 10am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) and 11am to 4pm (Saturday) until 6 December 2019. Admission to Balai Seni Maybank is free.

Balai Seni Maybank has been actively hosting Malaysian and international artists since its establishment in the 1980s. Some of the biggest names in the local art scene today have, in the past, exhibited their artworks at Balai Seni Maybank which continues to support the new generation of visual arts practitioners.

Maybank Foundation, which was established in 2010, actively supports community programmes under six key pillars namely Arts & Culture, Education, Community Empowerment, Environmental Diversity, Healthy Living and Disaster Relief.