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Special children celebrated at Maybank Hari Raya event

25 June 2019

4 min read

Some 120 children from Rumah Anak Kesayanganku, Bukit Beruntung were celebrated as special guests at the Maybank Group Staff Hari Raya Celebration held at Menara Maybank recently. The annual event has been part of the Group’s commitment to spread joy and celebrate festive seasons with its employees as well as specially invited guests.

The children were treated to an array of delicious food and presented with goodie bags and ‘duit raya’ by Maybank Chairman Datuk Mohaiyani Shamsudin, Group President & CEO Datuk Abdul Farid Alias and Group Chief Human Capital Officer Nora Abd Manaf. Also present at the event celebration were members of the Maybank Board and EXCO who took time to entertain the children.

“It is truly rewarding to see everyone gathered under one roof to celebrate this special festive season. For us at Maybank, this is a time for us to share our blessings and joy with those around us while at the same time, extending our love and support to the less fortunate,” said Nora.

Dressed in vibrant and colourful traditional attire, Maybank employees were also seen entertaining the children, and serving them with a variety of local delicacies including an array of traditional ‘kuih’, local fruits, roast lamb, satay, ketupat and rendang.

The Group also invited participants from Maybank’s Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (R.I.S.E) programme to be part of this festivity by serving their products such as ‘Aiskrim Malaysia’ and assorted puddings to all the guests. The R.I.S.E programme is part of the Group’s initiative to train, coach and mentor disabled participants to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and enable them to achieve higher income levels.

“As an organisation with a mission of humanising financial services, we feel it is only right that we capitalise on such occasions not only to promote unity and understanding amongst all races, but also provide opportunities to budding entrepreneurs in their pursuit to obtain financial independence. We believe that in our pursuit of progress, we should also ensure that the less fortunate are never left behind but instead, given every opportunity to build their capabilities and achieve more sustainable livelihoods,” added Nora.

Guests at the event were also captivated by the classical Raya tunes which brought back nostalgic memories as well as the laughter and cheer from participants competing in traditional games such as ‘Capteh’, ‘Ceper’ and ‘Baling Tin’.

The invited beneficiaries were selected as they were one of the adopted homes under Maybank’s Cahaya Kasih employee volunteerism initiative. Cahaya Kasih is Maybank’s flagship volunteering programme which encourages its employees to come together as agents of change in making positive and long-lasting impact in the communities they serve.