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Maybank introduces digital upskilling programme for all employees

06 May 2018

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- RM30 million set aside for FutureReady programme.

Maybank has launched its ‘FutureReady' digital upskilling programme which aims to increase its employees’ digital literacy as well as equip them with capabilities that will ensure their relevance now and in the future.

The training, made mandatory for all employees, is part of Maybank’s continuous commitment to humanising people development, and enabling them to meet customers’ needs more effectively in the fast-changing digital world. The training’s comprehensive curricular is anchored on six key areas of skills namely digital awareness, data-driven decision making, human-centred design, agile, future communication and risk & governance in the digital world.

Maybank Group President & CEO, Datuk Abdul Farid Alias said, “The programme was developed to future-proof employees digitally to support the Bank’s aspiration to be the ‘Digital Bank of Choice’. Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business today and the future, and it is important that our employees are kept abreast of new developments.”

Datuk Farid added that under the programme, “Employees are empowered to take charge of their growth, undergo learning modules and participate in uniquely created FutureReady Lab sessions to put their learnings into action. We are also training our managers to facilitate the FutureReady skills learning in their respective teams because employees need to be encouraged and given the opportunities to experiment and apply the learnings to practice.”

The FutureReady upskilling programme provides employees with the opportunity to also be certified in new skills areas such as computer programming, data analytics and data science, human centred design, and agile methodologies. Apart from learning new skills, employees will be able to experiment with these skills to create innovation.

“We recognise that jobs within the banking industry are changing rapidly in the current environment and we need to prepare our employees to be agile and adaptable to new tasks that may need different skill-sets,” added Datuk Farid.

Meanwhile, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Nora Manaf said that the Group had set aside RM30 million this year to implement the FutureReady programme.

She added, “The lack of new Industry 4.0 capabilities could render individuals and the organisation as irrelevant. Through the FutureReady programme and its opportunities, we aim to empower employees to take personal ownership of their learning and growth, as aligned with the Bank’s Employer Value Proposition of ‘GO Ahead. Grow’.

As at end-March, 91% of employees across Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines have been assessed on their levels of digital literacy, and over 20,000 employees underwent the foundational e-learnings. Further to that, 800 managers have been trained on how to conduct FutureReady Lab sessions to immediately enable further internalisation and application of learnings. These managers have conducted FutureReady Lab sessions for over 3,100 employees. The FutureReady programme has required us to push the boundaries of Learning and Technology in the workplace. We have had to re-define our learning strategies based on the fundamentally different and challenging business environment that we are in, where employees are tasked to problem solve and make use of new tools to benefit our customers.”

She said that the Bank had in the last year, also developed a variety of innovative programmes such as the ‘Maybank Immersion Program’ which enabled employees to have a six-month internship with various start-ups and Fintech companies to understand how technology is being used in different ways.

“We have also developed a Digital Payments simulation called the ‘Go Disrupt Challenge’, and the ‘Maybank Go Ahead Transform programme’ which enable employees from all levels to experience new ways of working and learning,” she added. “Essentially, all these programmes were designed to make learning new digital skills fun, self-initiating and accessible for all employees.”