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Maybank snaps for charity

14 September 2015

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- ‘Snap & Donate’ to influence digital fundraising

Maybank today launched another first-of-its kind digital application in Malaysia, ‘Snap & Donate’ where customers are now able to contribute to charitable beneficiaries just by taking a picture of the charitable organisation’s logo on their mobile phones and then making a contribution directly to it via Maybank2u.

The introduction of the new app aims to further strengthen the Group’s digital presence, enhance convenience for its mobile banking customers and encourage the use of cashless payments in the country. It follows the successful launch of various apps by Maybank namely Maybank2u, Property Finder, Treats App, Quick Balance with Touch ID and Quick Balance on Apple Watch.

The new Snap & Donate app was launched by Maybank’s Head of Community Financial Services Malaysia, Hamirullah Boorhan in Kuala Lumpur today.

Speaking at the event, Hamirullah said “The evolution of giving to charity has progressed from cash to cheques, credit cards to online banking and has finally reached the age of the smartphones. With Malaysia being a nation whose population uses smartphones more than computers, we are introducing ‘Snap & Donate’ to influence digital fundraising.”

“In 2013, we facilitated more than 15,000 donations worth RM1.5million via Maybank2u to registered charities. In 2014, we saw a 40% increase in online donations. With over 10 million smartphone users in Malaysia, we are expecting a boost in these numbers with the convenience of ‘Snap & Donate’.”

Snap & Donate enables users to snap a photo of the beneficiary’s logo which is then scanned and digitally identified by the App. It then automatically connects the user to the desired beneficiary where they are able to select the payment amount they intend to provide to beneficiaries. The minimum amount is RM 10, and maximum is RM 100 per day per beneficiary.

Through the Snap & Donate app, customers can channel their contributions to beneficiaries such as Islamic Relief, Mercy Malaysia, Buddhist Tzu-Chi, MAKNA, Yayasan Al Jenderami, WWF , NKF National Cancer Society, MAA Medicare , Cancer Research Institute and Environmental NGO. The list of beneficiaries will be expanded progressively.

Added Hamirullah “Maybank has always been a leader in banking technology, and we are continuously looking for ways to be true to our mission of humanising banking. Today is a testament of using technology to give back.”

Enhancement of M2U Mobile Service available soon

Additionally, Maybank will be enhancing its Maybank ‘Mobile Transfer service’ in mid October 2015. This new enhancement will allow Maybank2u customers to perform transactions to non-Maybank customers via their mobile phone numbers. All the recipients need to have is a registered Malaysian mobile number and to download the Maybank2u Mobile App to complete the mobile transfer. They will then be able to collect the funds sent to them by crediting it into their account maintained at any other bank. The Mobile Transfer service allows customers to send and receive Credit-to-Account request to other banks via fund transfers in real-time with a RM 1,000 per day transfer limit.