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Maybank launches new branch banking concept at university campuses

17 August 2015

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- Targets to open 12 Maybank@Campus branches in 2 years

Maybank today unveiled a new branch banking concept targeted at Gen Z and millennial students at university campuses known as Maybank@Campus. The first such “campus lounge” named Maybank@Monash was launched at Monash University Malaysia, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

The new campus lounge concept which is the first of its kind in the country is is specially designed to fulfil the unique needs of students and university communities.

Maybank@Monash was launched by the Group President & CEO of Maybank, Datuk Abdul Farid Alias together with the President and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Monash University Malaysia, Professor Helen Bartlett. Also present at the event was Maybank Head of Community Financial Services Malaysia, Hamirullah Boorhan as well as students of the university.

Speaking at the event, Datuk Farid said that Maybank@Campus is part of Maybank’s initiative to expose the younger generation to the availability of seamless banking focusing on accessibility and convenience to fulfil their financial needs.

“Our lounge is not only a ‘cool place to hang out’, it is also user-friendly and provides seamless experiences for our young customers where they can decide when and how they interact with the bank. This new outlet includes an interactive station that provides the campus community with on-site digital financial accessibility,” he said.

Datuk Farid added that the new concept was introduced in response to the rapid shift among young consumers who centre their lives on services that promote individuality as well as the sense of great belonging.

“At Maybank, we have recognised this trend, and have put in place a comprehensive branch transformation strategy to ensure that our young customers have the convenience they need, anytime, anywhere,” said Datuk Farid.

He explained that the Maybank@Campus lounges will offer a wide range of banking services such as opening of a bank account just by using an ipad; and with only RM10 initial deposit. Customers can also sign up for debit cards, Maybank2u or One Solution services including application for selected insurance products and SPP1M loans.

The lounge will be a centre for financial literacy events e.g Investment Celeb Trade and monthly talks on financial planning by financial experts. It will also be used as a platform to provide products and services arising from Maybank’s strategic partnership with Telcos, entertainment companies and on-line shopping portals.

“We understand that every customer has different needs and lifestyles, whether they are senior citizens, baby boomers, Gen X or Y or Z. Through this new concept, we are able to address a key segment that holds the future. We are confident that Maybank@Campus will make banking as convenient and accessible as possible for the young generation. As a bonus, it’s also open to faculty and administrative staff of Monash or any member of the public who come to the university campus,” he said.

Datuk Farid said Maybank aims to open up to 12 Maybank@Campus lounges over the next 2 years, with 5 targeted to be opened in 2015 at selected universities in Malaysia. These will include both public and private universities.

“Our intention is to ultimately expand this new concept to even more campuses in the country progressively and possibly take this concept to our key home markets in ASEAN where we operate,” he said.