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Maybank in pact with IBBM for training of its employees globally

03 April 2013

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- Agreement part of Maybank’s annual RM100 million training investment


Maybank has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Bankers Malaysia (IBBM) to enable its Group employees to enroll into world class certified professional courses offered by the Institute.


Under the MoU, Maybank will collaborate with IBBM to undertake initiatives in areas of professional growth, specifically in learning and development programmes in banking and finance. One of the areas of collaborations in the MoU is to promote the Chartered Banker Programme, introduced by IBBM recently.


The MoU was signed by Maybank Head of Group Human Capital, Nora Manaf and IBBM CEO, Tay Kay Luan. It was witnessed by Maybank President & CEO, Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, at Menara Maybank.


Speaking at the event, Nora said the MoU signified Maybank’s commitment to endow talents in Maybank with world class professional qualifications in banking and finance, in particular with the introduction of the Chartered Banker Programme by IBBM.


“The enrolment of Maybankers into the Chartered Banker programme will provide them with a firm foundation in banking and financial services operations and enable them to perform at the highest professional standards. It will also develop their technical and leadership skills as well as help them meet the financial and banking qualification standards at international level,” she added.


She explained that the Chartered Banker is a professional qualification conferred by The Chartered Banker Institute of UK, the oldest banking institute in the world that conducts professional programmes. “The programmes and certifications are internationally recognised by the banking fraternity. We commend IBBM for their strategic collaboration with the Chartered Banker Institute of UK. Even better, IBBM has adapted the programme to the local banking environment and has included critical local components such as Malaysian banking principles, economic scenarios, laws and practices within the international syllabus,” she added.


The Chartered Banker Programme offers three levels of qualification namely, Executive Banker, Professional Banker and Chartered Banker. As the programme is run online, Nora said it was a cost effective learning medium which accorded flexibility of study to any Maybank staff who wished to enrol, including in its overseas operations.


She added that with the MoU, the number of new enrolments for the IBBM programme this year was expected to reach 920, a 30% increase compared with 2012. Of this, the largest number of new enrolments is 500 employees who are registered for the Certified Credit Professional (CCP) programme.


“It is extremely important to us in Maybank that the rewards of working in the Maybank Group extend beyond financial incentives, to include a workplace where personal and professional growth as well as career development is the norm. Our mission to humanise financial services from the heart of Asia is enabled by our people being given the right tools, efficient processes and varied development. In our 2012 Employee Engagement Survey where over 80% of Maybank’s population responded, our people voted leadership, training and career development and our strong core values as the top three key drivers of their engagement,” she added.


Nora said that the Maybank Group invests a significant sum each year to develop its talents, with some RM100 million incurred for learning programmes in 2012 alone. In Malaysia alone, staff training against total gross salary for 2012 was 3.17%. This exceeded Bank Negara Malaysia’s minimum standard expected within the Financial Industry, of 2.5%, and is also above the American Standard of Training and Development global benchmark of 2.65%.


Meanwhile, Tay Kay Luan said, the tie-up reaffirms Maybank’s commitment as an employer towards the talent and career development of its employees. “For IBBM, it is an affirmation of our intent to deliver world class qualification to Malaysian shores so as to instil high professional standards in our emerging and experienced bankers. The MoU not only symbolises the strong relationship between us, but also an understanding from both parties towards working together across a broad suite of professional education and development that are of global industry standards,” he added.