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Two strike Gold in Maybank “Path to Gold” Campaign

13 December 2012

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Two customers recently struck "gold" in the Maybank “Path to Gold” campaign held recently.

Tung Thian Lai and Puteri Caroline Mohamad Kamel were each rewarded with RM50,000 in a Maybank Gold Investment Account (MGIA) for being the lucky winners in the first phase of the campaign ended 30 September 2012. The full campaign which commenced in August, will end in December 2012.

Tung Thian Lai, 53, a long time customer of Maybank, said he was blessed to win the contest. “I feel great. It was a pleasant surprise. Overall, it is a good contest as it gives customers a chance to win something great. I will hold on to the prize as part of my investment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Puteri Caroline, 20, said she still cannot believe she won the big cash prize, saying, “It was my first time winning any type of contest. I still can’t believe it. It is real, and gives me such an amazing, happy feeling. I will keep the prize as part of my savings.”

Maybank’s Head of High Networth & Affluent Banking, Choong Wai Hong, said the first phase of the campaign was a success as the Bank saw an uplift of 27% in deposits and investable assets, and 32% in financing, during the first two months period, compared with the same period last year. This, he said, was after excluding the normal growth rate that the Bank records during a non-campaign period.

"This campaign was unique as it allowed customers an opportunity to win when they signed up for any product from Maybank, be it investment, saving or financing," Choong explained.

"Our reward of gold was to help create greater awareness among customers on the alternative investment option that a Maybank Gold Investment Account offer," added Choong. "We see increasing numbers of customers turning to gold accounts as they are aware that it provides a good option to hedge against inflation. It also offers potential for greater capital gain due to appreciation in price of the metal."

The attractiveness of the Maybank Gold Investment Account is that customers do not have to keep physical gold but simply buy or sell easily using a passbook at any Maybank branch in Malaysia or via Investments in Maybank Gold Investment Account are fully backed by physical gold with 999.9 fineness.

The campaign offers monthly prizes worth RM100,000, including a first prize of RM10,000 fixed deposit for a period of 12 months. The second prize winner will receive a 2.3GHz Mac Book Pro and the third prize winner will get a Panasonic Lumix Camera. Eligible customers also stand a chance to win one (1) unit of the latest Apple iPad every week. In total, the “Path to Gold” Campaign offers RM340,000 worth of prizes that are up for grabs by 31 December 2012.