Corp News Introduces Additional Security Features

04 April 2011

4 min read

Maybank has added enhanced features to its internet banking portal,, to provide greater peace of mind to customers using its internet banking portal. The features were implemented on 27 March 2011.


Deputy President and Head of Community Financial Services Maybank, Lim Hong Tat, said that these features are related to the login process as well as selected transactions. “The enhanced log in process incorporates unique features that display an image with a phrase selected by the user when the user logs into the secure site.”


“All registered customers will be required to perform a one time registration and will be guided on selecting the image and the phrase. They are also required to answer some personalised challenge questions that will serve as further verification during transactions if the situation warrants,” he added.


Lim said that the additional features is an ongoing programme by Maybank to continuously enhance its internet banking offering as well as protect customers from being misled by phishing scams. “This enhanced log in process is an additional feature to our level of security authentication after their usernames and passwords and will help the customers ensure that they are banking via the valid internet banking portal. The image and phrase will help users identify the site as the authentic site because if the image and phrase displayed do not tally with that chosen by customers during their initial registration, they will know that it is a phishing or fake portal,” said Lim.


Lim added that these new features are in addition to the other features including TAC introduced in 2004. Another additional enhancement is the TAC SMS alert message that displays the name of the recipient for any fund transfer for verification. “The name of the recipient will assist customers to verify if they have performed a transaction giving them another layer of protection,” he said.


Lim said these latest features introduced are in line with the worldwide trend among financial institutions and those offering e-commerce to provide better safeguard to customers. “These latest features would safeguard customers from being tricked by fraudulent activities such as short messaging services (SMS) scams and phishing emails. We would like to reiterate that customers should always be on the alert against such scams, and never click on links in emails or respond to any of them or reveal their accounts access information to any party,” said Lim.


"Customers can perform the registration anytime and we encourage them to do so early. They can always call Maybank Group Customer Care at 1300 88 6688 for assistance,” said Lim.