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Maybank Celebrates 50 Years as Financial Leader

07 January 2010

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Maybank Celebrates 50 Years as Financial Leader with Year-Long Customer Rewards and Community Outreach


With five decades to its name, Malaysian financial services icon Maybank today unveiled its 50th anniversary logo and theme ‘Close to You'. Premised on how Maybank has grown alongside the country by catering to the diverse financial needs of Malaysians and in appreciation of 50 years of support from customers, the year-long activities will focus primarily on strengthening the bond with consumers and the community.


Kicking off the celebrations is a consumer banking customer rewards campaign offering RM2 million in cash prizes and other rewards throughout 2010.


Customers stand to win cash prizes totaling RM500,000 in the first phase of the anniversary campaign from January to April, offering weekly prizes of RM5,000 each, monthly prizes of RM50,000 each, and a grand prize of RM200,000. Consumers who continue or start using Maybank products and services which include opening accounts, signing up for home loans or hire purchase, and acquiring new credit cards will be automatically eligible.


At the launch, Maybank Chairman Tan Sri Dato' Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor said, "Maybank has grown from being a pioneering leader, trail-blazing with one innovation after another over the years, to become a Malaysian financial powerhouse that has stood the test of time. Our customers have made us who we are and our 50th celebrations have been aptly themed ‘Close to You' to reflect this journey of growth. The anniversary programme is our way of thanking customers, employees, the community and all stakeholders who have brought Maybank to where we are today - a valuable Malaysian brand which is well on its way to becoming the leading financial services group in the region."


Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, President and CEO of Maybank, said, "We have grown in parallel with the nation by being focused, committed and by upholding core values that have allowed us to progress strategically with each decade. The anniversary celebrations provide an ideal opportunity to reward our customers for their loyalty."


"Our customer base has grown to 16.3 million in the region today, with 9.5 million customers in Malaysia alone. This growth can be attributed to the Group's focus on being a customer-centric organisation and our ability to cater to the needs of customers from all walks of life which has been part of our mission from day one. We are always open for business and will remain committed to enhancing our service delivery to every customer."


Consumers can also expect various anniversary products including special mortgage packages, travel packages and new deposit accounts, among others in the year. In addition, the Group will be reaffirming its commitment to corporate responsibility (CR) efforts by working hand-in-hand with more community- and charity-based organisations to support various causes including the environment, community welfare, healthcare and the arts.


The first CR campaign will start later this month where Maybank will promote the use of electronic bills and statements among its Maybank2u customers. The green campaign will see Maybank donating RM1 for every customer who opts for the paperless option with the target of RM150,000 to be donated to support environment causes.


Maybank will also invest in tiger conservation and scientific research as well as a public run to support and raise awareness levels in organ transplantation.


The Group today has an extensive global network of 1,750 branches and offices in 14 countries throughout the world with over 39,000 employees.


Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid added that one of the key drivers for Maybank's growth over the years has been its human capital. As a group that aims to be a top quartile employer in each of the markets it operates, Maybank annually invests in its human resource with regular training and performance-based incentive programmes.


As part of its anniversary celebrations, Maybank will be paying tribute to employees who have been strong performers and contributed to the organisation's on-going development. This is Maybank's first awards of its kind where employees will be recognized at a single event, with employees from the Group's regional offices also participating.


After five decades of growth, Maybank today has a creditable regional market presence in seven ASEAN countries as well as five global financial centres that is testament to its growing global footprint as the largest Malaysian regional financial group.


According to Dato' Sri Wahid, Maybank's vision of becoming a regional financial powerhouse had begun in the early 1960s when it started operations in Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore and London. Over the years, Maybank further developed its international presence with strategic expansions and acquisitions that saw the financial institution not only penetrating new frontiers but breaking new ground with business segments such as Islamic banking. Maybank's Islamic banking arm is No 1 in the Asia Pacific region today and among the world's top ten.


"From the onset and in our role as a truly Malaysian bank, we have expanded our services and reach internationally for the benefit of Malaysians. This has supported the development of Malaysian businesses and individuals both domestically and abroad, and led us to becoming a trusted flag bearer in the region's key financial sectors."


"Over the years, Maybank has paved the way for a dynamic change in the country's financial services landscape. We stand proud as Malaysia's flagship financial group with clear market leadership and strong presence domestically and regionally. The year will see us continue to achieve new milestones as we work our way to becoming an undisputed regional financial services leader by 2015," he added.