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Maybank To Hold Investment Forum

29 May 2009

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Maybank Wealth Management is continuing its programme to bring its clients constantly in touch with the real challenges faced by investors during any economic crisis. The programme also seeks to provide a greater understanding of the dynamics of investing and the abundant opportunities for them to grow their long-term wealth.


The latest programme is hosting an Investment Forum in Kuala Lumpur on 30 May 2009 with the theme "Beyond the Global Crisis". A panel of distinguished experts in the industry from a diverse management styles will share their experiences and views on the domestic and global market conditions. Collectively, they represent a broad cross section of the investing community.


"The theme of the Forum captures in essence the enormity of tasks faced by financial institutions and governments and is an apt discussion topic as many investors are now looking beyond this financial crisis that started more than a year ago. From the $787 billion US stimulus package to China's $586 billion plan, governments around the world have undertaken unprecedented initiatives to prevent the crisis from worsening. In Malaysia, our government has also taken pre-emptive measures by announcing massive fiscal spending and monetary approaches of more than RM60 billion to boost confidence, ensure continuity and sustainability of businesses. The objective is to minimise the adverse impact of the economic contraction on the domestic economy and population at large," said Lim Hong Tat, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Consumer Banking in a statement today.


"The Forum therefore provides investors with insights into the complexities of the crisis and its impact on the global economy including Malaysia and help investors navigate where they wish to put their money in. More than 500 high net-worth investors are expected at the Forum on Saturday," added Lim.


Lim also noted that Maybank high net worth investors are still maintaining their cautious stance. "Despite the recovery of the equity markets beginning middle of March, our investors are looking for good opportunities as well as diversifying into other types of investments. We are seeing their preference towards principal-protected investments. At Maybank, we believe in looking at long-term horizons generally in making investment decisions. We assist our customers in selecting their investment portfolio and strategy via our advisory services as well as road shows and education forums like this investment forum. Since the inception of Wealth Management in 2007, the number of high net worth customers has grown by 46% since 2007, whilst the total financial assets have registered an impressive growth of 50% from the same period," said Lim.


Lim also said that the Investment Forum forms part of Maybank's long-term commitment to provide holistic financial services to customers. "We believe that no one-size fits all, thus, we offer a wide range of products and services to cater to the many different needs of our customers, based on their risk and returns expectations. Hence, given the diverse needs and prevailing challenging market conditions, the investment forum provides an opportunity for investors to hear from the experts and identify the opportunities available."


Maybank was recently awarded the Euromoney Award for Best Private Banking Services Overall in Malaysia. Maybank has also held previous investment forums in Kuala Terengganu, Miri, Ipoh and other cities nationwide.