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Maybank's Precious Asian taps region's growth

05 March 2008

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Maybank today officially launched the Precious Asian, its latest capital guaranteed investment-linked plan that offers an attractive potential return with full capital protection at maturity. The four year term plan is custom designed for investors who favor the positive forward outlook and the steady economic trends in Asia.


The RM350 million fund is expected to garner good returns derived from investments linked to a basket of 2 Asian Equity Indices, the Hang Seng Index and the MSCI Singapore Cash Index against the Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500). At the end of the investment tenure, precious Asian is expected to provide a potential return of 27.2%.


Precious Asian works by initially investing in fixed income instruments to provide capital protection. The remaining of the fund will be invested in equity derivatives provided by an at least single A internationally rated financial institution linked to the out-performance of Asian economies over the US market.


Speaking at the launch, Mr Spencer Lee, Head, Consumer Banking, Maybank says, The fund gives investors the opportunity to participate in a capital guaranteed investment with insurance link that is designed to take advantage of the positive economic growth in Asia.


China, Hong Kong and Singapore markets are expected to continue enjoying good growth rates from particularly from the financial, real estate and technological sectors. This investment linked plan is suitable for our valued customers who believe that the Hong Kong and Singapore markets will out-perform US in the next few years, he added.


Precious Asian also provides financial protection feature to safeguard the policyholder's family in the event of untimely demise. The minimum guaranteed sum payable to their family is 125% of the single premium for entry age between 18 to 60 years old and 105% of the single premium for entry age between 61 to 70 years old.


The plan is open to customers between the age of 18 and 70 years. The minimum single contribution amount is RM15,000 followed with any higher single contribution amount in multiples of RM1,000. The latest investment linked plan underwritten by Etiqa Insurance Berhad offers free units of 0.5% for investment amount greater than RM50,000 per policy throughout the offer period. Maybank has launched a series of conventional capital guaranteed investment linked plans since June 2003 generating as high as 7.9% annualised returns as at mid February 2008.


For more details on the Fund, customers can contact Maybank Service Centres and Private Banking Centres nationwide or click on to The new Fund will be offered starting 28 February 2008 on first come, first serve basis.