27  October 2015  - 19:21
Maybank issues Basel III-compliant Tier 2 Subordinated Notes of RM1.1 billion

Maybank has on 27 October 2015 completed the issuance of a RM1.1 billion Basel III-compliant Tier 2 Subordinated Notes (“Subordinated Notes”) under the RM7.0 billion Subordinated Note Programme.

The issuance details are summarised as follows:

(a) Issuer Malayan Banking Berhad
(b) Issue Date 27 October 2015
(c) Nominal Amount RM1,100,000,000.00
(d) Tenure 10 years on a 10 non-callable 5 basis
(e) Maturity Date 27 October 2025
(f) Call Date Callable on the fifth anniversary date from the Issue Date and on every coupon payment date thereafter with the first call date on 27 October 2020
(g) Coupon Rate 4.90% per annum
(h) Details on Utilisation of Proceeds The proceeds from the Subordinated Notes will be utilised to fund Maybank’s working capital, general banking and other corporate purposes.
(i) Rating AA1 (RAM Rating Services Berhad)

The Subordinated Notes will qualify as Tier 2 capital of Maybank in accordance with the Bank Negara Malaysia Capital Adequacy Framework (Capital Components) issued on 28 November 2012.

This announcement was made to Bursa Malaysia on 27 October 2015.

Information on Maybank's Capital and Debt issuances is available here.