25  November 2013  - 20:12
Maybank sells 9.3% in BII. Now in full compliance with 20% free float requirement

Maybank has disposed of 5.675 billion shares or approximately 9.3% in Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) on 22 November 2013, increasing the free float in BII to 20% from 11.7% and is now in full compliance with the Sell Down Requirement which seeks to achieve a 20% public float in BII as required by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) in respect to Maybank's acquisition of BII in 2008.

The Group has also entered into a commercial arrangement where the economic exposure resulting from the disposal is being retained and will not result in any material financial impact to the Group.

Please refer to the announcement to Bursa Malaysia here.



28 November 2013

Bank International Indonesis announced to the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) on 28 November 2013 that the disposal of 5.675 billion shares was purchased by UBS AG London at Rp310.

The document lodged to IDX is available here.