4 tactics scammers use to get mule accounts online

21 October 2022

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Don’t become a mule account victim.
4 tactics scammers use to get mule accounts online.

 Dont Be A Mule Account Victim

Scammers have more than one way to trick you into becoming a money mule. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe. 


What is a mule account?

Mule accounts are accounts that don’t belong to the scammer but the scammer has access to it to receive and transfer stolen money while keeping their identity hidden.


What happens to mule account holders?

Anyone who holds a mule account could be:
• Detained for investigation
• Fined, jailed for 5 years or both
• Blacklisted by Maybank
• Unable to open a Maybank account in the future


Here are the 4 common scam tactics:

  1. Fake job advertisements
    Fake Job Advertisements

    If you see a job ad that is too good to be true, it could be a scam! Many scammers set up fake job postings on social media or they may approach you via chats to get you to give them your ATM card and banking details for fake salary processing. Don’t fall for them!

  1. Loan sharks
    Loan Sharks

    Loan sharks usually prey on their victims with quick and easy cash loans. In return, they will ask for your ATM card and banking information to ‘check on your money in the bank’. They will then use your account to transfer illegal money and keep their identities hidden.

  1. Bank account rentals
    Bank Account Rentals

    ALL bank account rentals are scams. They’ll offer you payment for your ATM card and online banking details so scammers can use your identities to funnel illegal funds and hide their real identity. 

  1. Friends and family
    Friends and Family

    NEVER give out your ATM card or banking details to anyone, not even your friends and family. More often than not, the reason given is to help them receive and/or transfer funds to third parties using your bank account.


What to do when you’re unsure if your bank account is compromised?

Whenever in doubt, you can visit to check if your bank account is compromised or if the bank account you’re transferring to is a mule account. This website also allows you to make a report of any suspicious mule accounts.

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